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Social Media Marketing

No description

Thu Nguyen

on 22 February 2015

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Transcript of Social Media Marketing

sharing media content
knowledge and information
consumer = producer
communication tools
since the mid-1990s
economic potential
What is #socialmedia?
Social media #platforms
Social Media Marketing
founded: February 4th, 2004
founded: February 4th, 2004
1.32 billion users worldwide
70 languages
30 mio. businesses have a FB Page
in the US: the most popular brands on FB are Walmart, Target, Samsung Mobile USA & Subway
1. Definition
2. Targets
3. Social Media Platforms
4. Statistics
5. Why Social Media Marketing?
6. Advantages & Disadvantages - Chances & Risks
7. Methods
8. How to use Social Media
9. Tips
What is #socialmediamarketing?
What is #marketing?
place products and services
Goal: making the product "desirable"
needs and expectations of customers
Result: Marketing is used for influencing the purchase decision!
term from the marketing
methods of advertising and public relations (PR) on social networking sites
reach potential customers
brand loyalty
Social Media can now be a
strong influence
on the professional lives and the
purchase decisions
of many people.

Due to this development, the Social Media Marketing is a
new challenge for modern companies

branding / brand communication
PR and Reputation Management
Crisis communications / crisis PR
customer loyalty
Word-Of-Mouth Marketing
Site visitors and search engine ranking
customer acquisition
any time accessibly
contents can be exchanged and be spread
attention on the enterprise
quick feedback of customers
products can be promoted
interaction with customers
reach a large number of people
new customer´s production and wide recommendation
fall out of service
controlling loss by publications
takes time and effort
working time gets lost
personnel lack
portal must be maintained regularly
#Viral marketing
This method uses social medias for building a community of interested parties.
Examples: blogs, forums and vlogs (videoBlog) which are becoming increasingly popular
#Social media monitoring
social medias are searched for relevant information for the company by keywords, this should provide an overview of opinions and reviews
#Social media optimizing
Optimizing websites so that they are more easily absorbed in social media platforms and increases the link popularity
#Easy adopter
easy adopter are something like the vanguard of the users and should advertise the product before its official launch on the market
How to use #socialmedia
Innovation through rapid and easy communication

• Switch compartment posts in forums
• Sharing of pictures and videos
• Sharing of postings
• Raffle contests

founded : March 21st, 2006
"Microblogging" : sending short messages called tweets
sharing with #hashtags
over 500 mio. users
Twitter has 2000 employees
340 mio. tweets each day
Katy Perry has the most followers (over 55 mio.)
most retweeted photo ever: Ellen's Oscars selfie
video-sharing website (upload, view and share videos)
founded: February 14th, 2005
more than 1 billion users visit YT each month
100 hours of videos are uploaded every minute
localized in 61 countries
PSY's 'Gangnam Style' is the most watched video ever
founded: 2010
social sharing-site all around pictures and videos
apply digital filters to your images and share them on a variety of social media platforms
150 mio. users
#blog / vlog
= public diary / videos from a person, who is writing / talking about his lifestyle or special topics like fashion, food, beauty, sport, traveling etc.
making tutorials, shopping hauls, DIYs etc.
sharing photos & videos
successful bloggers have many followers / fans
brands sponsor the bloggers with their products
bloggers advertise the brand by presenting on their website / social media platforms
fans / followers will buy the products
Like in real life (be authentic!)
Show your face, name names, intension, abide by rules
Respond to questions and comments
Do not make anyone look bad
Assume responsibility
Do something good to your community
Be creative and individual
can damage the image
juridical responsibility on the internet
existence of many competitors
Opinions of the users negative comments
negative effect on the market
business oriented social networking service
launched: May 5th, 2003
5400 employees
300 mio. users
2 new members join it every second
20 languages
3 mio. business pages
Deliver better customer service
Brand building
& differentiation
Manage your reputation
Increase trust in your business or brand
Obtain real customer insights
Keep customers engaged with you
Great way of promoting

Thanks for your Attention!
Using #hashtags
when you include hashtag in a tweet or post, it becomes clickable
a way of finding people with similar interes

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