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History of Clay Masks

No description

Kylee Baldetti

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of History of Clay Masks

Earthenware Clay
Clay Masks History
Masks can represent so many things: emotions Good, Bad, Fear, Love, and Power.
Masks Hide the True Identity
Egyptian BC
Greek Theater BC
Japanese — demons
Superhero and Villains
Wrestlers 1950’s till current

Mask/Monster Pinch Pot
Mask Pinch Pot
- 3 Inches Height and Width
- Smoothed out finger marks
- Pulled up Evenly
History of Clay Masks
Earthenware is a common ceramic material, which is used extensively for pottery tableware and decorative objects.
Earthenware is one of the oldest materials used in pottery.
Early death masks from the Egyptians
African tribal masks not only distinguish different tribes, areas, and animals but all also fertility, social place, etc
Monster Pinch Pot
Basic Requirements
365 Days of Pinch Pots
A blog about making a commitment to making art.
Lisa Farris
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