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Environmental Engineer

No description

Chris Meyer

on 2 June 2013

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Transcript of Environmental Engineer

Roots of a
Engineer Why do we need Environmental
Engineers? How much money do they make? Conclusion How do I become an Environmental Engineer? Where an environmental engineer works totally depends on preference. Some may work for large environmental facility, such as the E.P.A in which you would ether work in the field, in the office or both! You may even decide to open your own private environmental protection company but to do so you would need a degree to do so. Anyway you choose to work as an environmental engineer you'll be working for a cause greater than yourself. What is an Environmental
Engineer? Environmental engineers are very helpful to our environment and our health. You may not know it but necessities and luxuries like the tap water we drink or lakes/ponds that we swim in are inspected by Environmental engineers monthly in order to insure our health in our every day lives. Environmental engineers accomplish this by using a Turbidimeter: Turbidimeter is an instrument for measuring the loss of intensity of a beam of light through a liquid solution with a suspended particulate in matter Chemical Engineering An environmental engineer on average makes
83,160. According to eHow.com the range of money
made a year by environmental begins with 48,980 dollars a year and ends with 119,060. Of course this all depends on who your employer is and what kind of work you are doing for them. So there are some difference if you work for a company or if you have your own environmental agency. Environmental Engineering Major In sumation environmental engineers are key to ours and others health. they use their knowledge of chemistry and biology to inspect our food and water to make sure its healthy and safe for us to consume and use. They also help the enviroment through agencies like the E.P.A. Environmental engineers go through a minimal of 6 years of school to learn all they need to know for the people they help. Thank you and I hope I've educated you enough on this topic. Any quetions? Environmental Engineer What jobs might an Environmental Engineer
accomplish? An Environmental engineer is a chemical engineer, who solves problems within the environment using his/her knowledge of Chemistry and Biology. These problems may consist of pollution control, recycling and even major health issues. Environmental Engineers jobs differ greatly. One might be evaluating a large industrial and municipal facilities to see if they are functioning properly and are up to the environmental standards; While another might be working to get healthy clean water for third world countries in Africa who need it. Where do they work? Bibliography How does their work relate to chemistry? With their knowledge of chemistry environmental engineers know the difference of a element that is toxic or completely harmless in water that a person might drink, Getting extremely sick from Cholera or Dysentary would be one nasty side affect from just drinking dirty water.
Also environmental engineers may help experimentation with mulch and other plant growth items by making a perfect concoction for the plant to grow strong and healthy In order to become an environmental engineer you will need to get a bachelor degree for engineering followed by a graduates degree in environmental science, chemistry, and biology. Through this major student will learn to solve environmental problems using chemistry, biology and to assist mathmatical tools. All in all the mínimal years of colloge is six. Kara Page, "How much money do environmetal engineers make?" May, 22, 2013, http://www.ehow.com/info_10056598_much-money-environmental-engineer-make.html "Environmental Engineering Major", May, 22, 2013,
http://cals.cornell.edu/admissions/academics/majors/environmental-engineering/ "Environmental Engineer", May, 21, 2013
http://careerplanning.about.com/od/occupations/p/env_engineer.htm This video helped assisted my research Environmental engineers are cool!
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