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Language Mania


Uyanga Vladimir

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Language Mania

Language Mania English Mania Language Mania Sports mania Mathematics Music English The excessive enthusiasm to learn a certain language. Religious mania Rock n' Roll mania Act of excessive or unreasonable enthusiasm or excitement 2 billion people 300 million native speakers 400-800 million non-native speakers Why should we learn English? Travel Country Education and studies Correspondence Internet Internet users Internet illiterates Polarization Globalization Lack of English language knowledge English mania - Good or Bad? English isn't pushing; the World is pulling. Unlimited content! Your native language is your life. English is the world's second language Systematic means of communication by the use of sounds and conventional symbols Trade
Hobbies etc. Example: 24 hours of video uploaded to Youtube.com every minute! Thank you!
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