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Calculus A Welcome Back!

Class rules for UCONN MA 1125 and 1126

Sue Palmberg

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of Calculus A Welcome Back!

Calculus A
Welcome Back!
When you need to ask a question
or give an answer-Please raise your
When someone else is speaking
Please RESPECT them by staying
quiet and listening
Please bring your notebook
and a pencil to class daily. You
will also need a graphing
calculator in class and during homework
Homework assignments are
given daily and should take
approximately 45-50 minutes
to complete
Tools needed for Class!
Adhere to class rules
Enter the classroom calmly and prepared for class
Have your homework, notebook and a pencil on your desk.
I-pods and cell phones are not allowed in class.
Turn them off and put them away!
Unless I allow you to use them
during class...
Listen attentively with a positive attitude
Follow directions the first time they are given.
Do not interrupt me or any of your classmates.
Raise your hand when you want to speak.
Please do not chat with your friends when I am presenting material.
You may discuss the material after it is presented with other students around you.
Give others time to talk and respond appropriately
Demonstrate patience
No swearing, teasing, ridiculing or putting down anyone in the class.
Respect people's space by keeping your hands, feet and personal belongings to yourself.
Respect yourself! The dress code is outlined in the School Calendar.
Be prepared for class
Arrive on time to class
Meet deadlines with quality work
Use time effectively and responsibly
Appropriate behavior
Seek extra help
Make up work
Bring a notebook, calculator and pencil to class daily.
Do all assigned homework.
No late homework accepted!
2=All questions are answered completely.
1=Most questions are answered, but effort is shown.
0=Only some of the questions are answered and little effort is shown or no homework or effort displayed
Particiate actively in class activities
Ms. Palmberg'sTardy Policy
If you arrive to class late with a pass from another teacher or administrator, you will be excused.
A pass from the hall monitor allows you to enter the classroom, but your tardiness will count as an unexcused tardy.
Unexcused tardies will require you to stay for a 10-minute detention for each tardy.
Any detention not served will result in a loss of 1% from your term grade.
If you arrive more than 10 minutes late without a pass from a teacher or administrator, you will be marked absent and it will be considered a class cut.
Messy work, work not done in pencil, dog-eared papers, etc. will not be accepted.
Lab reports have a deadline, exactly one week after they are assigned at the beginning of the next lab period.
Do not work on labs the day they are due.
Hand them in early!!!!!!
Don't pack up early. Be engaged in class discussion for the entire period!
Get help as soon as you feel confused!
When absent from class, make up work in a timely manner
One week to make up tests, quizzess
Homework assignments must be completed by next day.
Email: spalmberg@eosmith.org
Eboard: http://spalmberg.eosmith.site.eboard.com
Be honest
Sign Honesty Statement for each lab
Complete your own work
Behave ethically
Use appropriate resources to solve problems
If you are stuck on a homework problem:
Look at your notes
Go to that particular section of the textbook
Go to class notes on the eboard
Write down your question to ask in the next class.

Work to the best of your ability
Challenge yourself
Improve your personal performance
Encourage others in achieving their goals
Do all assigned homework
and make sure it is top quality.

Study for all tests and quizzes by going over notes,
homework, and the appropriate sections in the book.

Grades will be calculated out of a total number of points.
Tests will be 80 to 150 points
Quizzes will be 40 to 80 points
Mini quizzes will be 10 to 40 points
Labs and projects will be 20 to 50 points
Set and achieve goals
Recognize and respect others for their individuality and diversity
Value school and classroom resources and facilities
Work actively and cooperatively with others to achieve group goals
Do not write on:
other school property

Have your book covered at all times!
Leave the room the way you found it!
desks back in order
classroom materials returned

When working in groups:
do your share of the work!

I look forward to working with you this year!
Graphing Calculator
I am available for extra help:
Before school (7:00)
After school (by appointment)
Monday (C, D, G, and H)
Tuesday (C and G)
Wednesday (D, G and H)
Thursday (D)
Friday (D and H)
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