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The confederation of Manitoba

No description

Jessica Guenther

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of The confederation of Manitoba

The Confederation of Manitoba After the British North America Act of 1867, the 4 provinces wanted to expand west into the territories of Rupert's Land and the Northwestern Territory.
Population growth
Need for agricultural land
Fear that the U.S. would annex the land Canadian Expansion Problem: First Nations, Metis, and Inuit settlements, namely the Red River Valley settlement were in the way (as well as some HBC employees and Scottish settlers) Red River Valley English Protestant organization called the Orange Order
Moved to the Red River
Didn't mix well with the residents as they were anti-Catholic and anti-French
They felt strongly that Rupert's Land should be part of Canada Dr. John Schulz and the Orangemen The trade was officially made in April 1869
The Metis, Inuit and First Nations were not consulted
Residents of the Red River Valley had lived there for generations but had not claim according to the HBC register, and were concerned The Transfer of Rupert's Land
to Canada McDougall and team immediately begin surveying land, even though they do not yet have possession of the land yet
Again no consultation with residents, so tensions flare
Louis Riel First Steps on the scene at Andre Nault's farm Survey Formed in October 1869
Created to figure out what to do about the Canadians
They wanted to be a part of the Negotiations
Wanted to be informed of new policies
Wanted to be asked permission National Committee of the Metis McDougall's Proclamation
Went against the advice of McDonald John Schulz attacks, and committee arrests them, then decides form a provisional government with Riel as president
1870, Canadian officials and provisional government meet
Convention of 40
List of Rights The event worked to further divide Canada's cultures and provinces
It put Louis Riel in a negative light with the Dominion The Execution of Thomas Scott Manitoba Act 1870
Both governments voted and agreed
Colonel Garnet Wolsely and the Red River expeditionary force
Reign of Terror
Another Provincial government by Archibald
Reconciliation and amnesty
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