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Booze, Bongs, Books, & Ish

UNR Office of Student Conduct Orientation

Jasmine Harris

on 17 July 2018

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Transcript of Booze, Bongs, Books, & Ish

Tagging (spray painting/graffiti) campus/public property

Punching/kicking holes in residence hall walls
Welcome to UNR
The Office of Student Conduct
& Ish!
The Office of Student Conduct
The Office of Student Conduct seeks to collaboratively create a safe, fair, and successful university community through the coordination and implementation of strategically designed, innovative data driven services and initiatives.

OSC: Located in Clark Administration Building, Lake Level.
All first-year students are required to complete the Alcohol-Wise program.
After Part 1 is completed, Part 2 is available 1 month later
The OSC offers a variety of programs, services, and resources to help students address issues with alcohol.
Support for Sober Living
Substance Abuse Counseling
Conflict Resolution
Socializing 101
Emotional Wellness Workshops

< 21 y.o = No alcohol in the residence halls

21+ = Refer to your Residence Halls Standards of Conduct

*When in doubt, ask your RD

Prescription Use Reduction Education
Programs & Services
Medical mJ
The OSC aims to provide a safe campus environment. One of the ways we accomplish this goal is through providing programs & services to address substance abuse and drug related policy violations
OSC sanctions
"F" for the course
"F" for the assignment
Course grade dropped by 2 letters (ex: Course grade of B dropped to a D)
Having to redo the assignment
Ineligible for grade replacement
Issues obtaining internships
Issues obtaining professional recommendations from instructors
Consequences of Academic Dishonesty
Academic fraud Examples
Academic fraud Examples
More Random Ish
Random Ish
The OSC handles issues other than those related to Booze, Bongs, and Books.
Dating Violence
Sexual Assault

Restraining orders
No Contact Agreements
Using someone's Wolfcard
Breaking and Entering
Student misconduct off-campus
Drinking off campus
Making the local news
The PURE campaign is aimed at increasing awareness and preventing nonmedical prescription drug use and abuse on campus. PURE helps students by providing tools and resources to improve mental and physical health while increasing student success.
and posting it on social media
Destruction of Property
Swimming in Manzanita Lake

Defacing public/campus property (ex: hanging malicious or discriminatory flyers around campus)

Fishing in the lake
University policy prohibits the use of any illicit drugs, prescription drugs (not prescribed to you) and marijuana (regardless of medical mj cardholder status)
Nevada's Recovery and
Prevention Community
NRAP provides an environment of nurturing support and peer connections for students recovering from substance and behavioral addictions and students choosing a substance-free lifestyle.
C.A.S.I.C.S: brief intervention to address policy violations & issues related to marijuana use.

Substance Abuse Counseling: counseling sessions with a Licensed/Certified Alcohol and Drug Counseling
Good Luck & Welcome to the University of Nevada, Reno!
OSC supports
30 to Complete
Obtaining or providing unauthorized information before or during an examination through verbal, visual or unauthorized use of books, notes, text and other materials
This includes copying your classmate's test or quiz answers
Taking an test/quiz for someone else

Using unauthorized materials for an open book/notes exam

Accessing class materials for a closed-book exam
Using a cellphone, tablet, another computer, split screen, second monitor, or additional web browser during a closed-book/note test
Falsifying internship hours (reporting more hours than you actually worked)
Submitting the language, ideas, thoughts or work of another as one's own*; or assisting in the act of plagiarism by allowing one's work to be used in this fashion
Using previous work when submitting assignments, essays, etc. without citing yourself or providing appropriate references
Online Writing Lab
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