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simran aulakh

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of ROTTWEILER!


Rottweiler's like to eat dog food like raw meat and water,Rottweiler's need lots of water and food to survive.Rottweiler's are only aloud to eat corn free food because they are allergic to corn,if they try to eat it they will start getting itchy and those itches will turn into bald spots.
Rottweiler's are usually guard dogs that help the police and military with their highly intelligent swimming,hunting and other senses and powers. These dogs come in two sizes medium and large sized breeds,Rottweiler's live between 9 to 10 years.They were raised and born in Germany.These highly intelligent dogs are fearless,calm,confident,steady,powerful,trainable and loyal.Rottweiler's even have a good powerful body,they come in two different colors tan and black.The coat of the rottweiler is short,hard,thick,smooth and soft to cuddle and hug on.
-Have a full skeleton
-Have a backbone
-Have hair at some stage development
-Breathe through their lungs
-Mother's nurse the young's
Get's it's energy from other living things
Rottweiler's are in the animal kingdom,which means that they have a backbone and other bones too.This animal is a vertebrate and a mammal,this animal needs lots of feeding,movement,breathing or respiration and growth.Rottweiler's like to live in places that are not harsh and where there is enough room to run and play for them,during summer they love to swim and in winter time they like to be cuddled,they escape the heat or cold by sleeping for a long or short time of period,the body helps them survive in its environment.
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