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Darfur Genocide

War, death, and inequality in Darfur

Brian Griffin

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Darfur Genocide

Located in western Sudan
Have been part of the Proto- Afro- Asiatic Urheimat
Has a pattern of skewed development
Proxy wars in between Sudan, Libya and Chad
Is divided into federal states: North Darfur, South Darfur and West Darfur Darfur The Sudanese Government was accused of oppressing non-Arab Sudanese in favor of Sudanese Arabs
The event mainly happened because of the Sudanese military and police, and the Janjaweed The Sudanese government and non- Arab Sudanese Origins of the War in Darfur Sudan Liberation Movement/Army A Sudanese rebel group a part of the Darfur conflict known as the Darfur Genocide.
The leaders were Abdul Wahid al Nur of the Fur and Minni Minnawi of the Zaghawa.
Fought against the Sudanese Government and the Janjaweed
Merged with the Justice and Equality Movement and formed the Alliance of Revolutionary Forces of West Sudan By Brian Griffin & Tijuan McCray Darfur Genocide Began in February 2003
Many land disputes between semi-nomadic livestock herders and the people who practiced sedentary agriculture
Conflict isn't only about race and religion but about resources
The nomadic tribes were facing drought
They decided to go after the sedentary farmers’ territory SLM/A Split In 2006 Sudan Liberation Movement split into two main factors, Minnawi and al-Nur.
The separation was issued on the Darfur Peace Agreement
There are also smaller groups such as Historic Leadership, General Command, and Mainstream Justice and Equality Movement A Sudanese rebel group that was involved with the Darfur Conflict of Sudan
It was led by Khalil Ibrahim
Fought against the Sudanese Government and the Janjaweed
Merged with the Sudan Liberation Movement and formed the Alliance of Revolutionary Forces of West Sudan Signed Truce JEM signed a truce with the Sudanese Government in February 2010
Khalil Ibrahim was killed on December 25, 20011
Gibril Ibrahim was chosen to replace Khalil Ibrahim on January 26, 2012 Know as the Darfur Genocide and the War in Darfur
The Sudan Liberation Movement /Army (SLM/A) and Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) came to together and accused the Sudanese Government Motive of Genocide The Janjaweed They have been one of the main reasons for the Darfur Conflict
The leader of the group is Sheikh Musa Hilal
Had continuous cross-border raids that killed 9,000 people between the years 1985 and 1988
Their plan was to separate ethnic conflict within Darfur Who are the Janjaweed? Gunmen that operate in Darfur in western Sudan and in eastern Chad
They are comprised Sudanese Arab tribes from the Abbala and recruitment from the Baggara
They are all camel and cattle herders
They are in conflict with the Darfur rebel groups Deaths and over population Several hundred thousand casualties estimated since the beginning of the genocide
Deaths have been from direct combat or starvation and disease inflicted by the conflict
Forced millions into refugee camps or over the border
The over population over the border created a large humanitarian crisis Arab Apartheid Sudanese Arabs who controlled the government tried practicing apartheid against Sudan’s non-Arab citizens
Made different policies involving apartheid and ethic cleansing against non-Arabs in Darfur.
They monopolized power and excepted the blacks Fight against Arab Apartheid The Arab government has been accused of practicing apartheid against black citizens.
American University economist George Ayittyey accused the Arab Government
Different commentators have accused Sudan of practicing apartheid as well Cooperation for Darfur The United States and Britain and European Union among first to respond
Summer of 2006, UN secretary general Kofi Annan recommended the deployment of UN peacekeepers into Darfur Darfur Genocide and acts of rebellion The Darfur crisis has mobilized many in the international community to speak out against the Sudanese government
United States Involvement U.S attempts to promote a lasting peace for Darfur have failed.
U.S pleas for an end to the genocide, experts note the United States will not be sending troops or making the conflict a policy priority.
The United States, along with the United Kingdom, has been active in pressuring for a greater UN role in Sudan.
Celebrities Activist Celebrities and lawmakers rally urging the Bush administration and Congress to help end genocide in Sudan’s Darfur region.
George Clooney in Darfur Obama will take immediate steps to end the genocide In Darfur
Increasing pressure on Sudanese and pressure the government
Halt the killing and stop impeding the deployment of robust international force Obama takes Action Obama Visit Darfur Border Darfur Genocide Darfur Genocide Darfur Genocide Campbell also notes the change in the nature of violence in Darfur of late.
“It looks much more like low-intensity warfare with a heavy dose of criminal activity,” John Campbell, former U.S. ambassador says the more comprehensive approach to Sudan is “a positive development,” Success story New U.S. Sudan Policy a 'Positive Development' Agreement The UN and the AU agreed on a three-phase action plan called the UN Darfur Plan. Phase One: Involves UN provisions of
logistical and technical
support for AMIS Phase Two: 3,000 UN peacekeepers, including helicopter gunships, will be deployed to Sudan; the Sudanese Foreign Minister Lam Akol agreed in mid-April on activation Phase Three: The third and final phase, the so-called “heavy support package” involves the deployment of a 20,000-strong “hybrid” UN-AU force into Darfur. African Union Team http://notonourwatchproject.org/media
"Darfur: Conflict History and Options for Resolution." http://www.atlantic-community.org/index/Open_Think_Tank_Article/Darfur%3A_Conflict_History_and_Options_for_Resolution Works Cited Genocide in Darfur Darfur Genocide Darfur Genocide Darfur Genocide Devastation Thanks for Watching!! ;) Western Sudan Region
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