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Pinecrest Bakery

No description

Kara K

on 8 June 2013

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Transcript of Pinecrest Bakery

Yellobook.com Research Situation Analysis S Target Market Key Consumer Insight Pinecrest Bakery caters to consumers who want the traditional Cuban taste, without compromising quality, price and experience. Brand Positioning Target Market: Hispanic, middle class families
Competitive Frame of Reference: Latin bakeries/cafes
Consumer’s Main Benefit: high quality casual dining, catering, homey environment,
Rationale: modern twist on traditional Latin food at an affordable price
Brand Personality: stylish, classy, traditional values with modern attitude Brand Personality Brand Personality Scale Media Environment Twitter Creative Brief For Hispanic, middle class families, Pinecrest Bakery is the Latin bakery and café that provides high quality casual dining and catering with a modern twist on tradition at an affordable price. Pinecrest Bakery is stylish with traditional values and a modern attitude. T
S Pinecrest Bakery uses its modernity, ambience and high quality food to overcome the weakness of a niche market and new business risk. By taking advantage of opportunities such as expansion into new locations and the complementary Miami culture, Pinecrest Bakery can overcome the major threat of competition. Modern ambience; upscale Cuban bakery
Quality of food relative to price
Delivery and catering W O T E
S Embracing niche/non-branded market There is so much opportunity in embracing a niche market.

Type in "pastelito" in Google, and you will see that there is no branded company that represents this type of food-style.

We are the first. In Miami, specifically, Cuban bakeries can be found in every corner.

An advantage we had in the city of Pinecrest was that a regular, quick and easy Cuban bakery did not exist. Thus, Pinecrest was born.

If you type in Google, "Cuban Bakeries Miami", it shows you that still, there is not a cohesively branded, consistent company that represents this niche market. Background Family owned Cuban bakeries are typical in Miami

Very successful:
Vicky Bakery, Ricky Bakery and Karla Bakery

The above bakeries do not have an attractive
brand image Product Description Pastelitos
Fine Sweets
Cakes Communication Objectives We want people in Miami to know our brand name and identify it as the best Latin bakery in town
We want to establish our brand as high-end and modern, yet traditional Target Audience Who eats at Pinecrest Bakery?

Mostly Hispanic, middle class families.
We plan to target our communication efforts to men and women in their thirties and older who are middle class professionals and have a family of their own. Brand Positioning For Hispanic, middle class families, Pinecrest Bakery is the Latin bakery and café that provides high quality casual dining and catering with a modern twist on tradition at an affordable price. Pinecrest Bakery is stylish with traditional values and modern attitude. Rationale Tone The tone should resemble the Hispanic-American culture Brand Personality Mandatories
We recommend including the logo and contact information in all communications.
30 and older with families
Middle class
Professionals Demographic
Active lifestyle
Enjoy high quality, casual dining Psychographic Morning rush (spending) Behavioral Brand Positioning Statement Embracing niche market
Lack of engagement with consumers
New business
Lack of brand awareness It is our goal to gain the position as top of mind awareness for this niche market on a branded/ franchised level. Expanding
New locations
Culture in Miami is complementary to our brand
Go green (environmental awareness)
Consumer loyalty and advocates Loyalty/ Rewards Programs SpotOn NinjaBites Competition of other Cuban bakeries/cafés
Local bakeries female
early thirties
stylish, modern-traditional, fun
married in her early twenties
has three children
a beautiful Miami home
drives a Mercedes
loves to go shopping with her sisters
has a passion for cooking for her family Public Relations Other Social Media Facebook Recommendations Currently The Taste of Pinecrest

Federacion de Estudiantes Cubanos(FEC) The brand personality can be illustrated in a female, Hispanic-American elegant woman in her early thirties, who is stylish modern-traditional and fun. Typical in the Hispanic culture, she married in her early twenties and has three children in her beautiful Miami home. She drives a Mercedes, loves to go shopping with her sisters, and has a passion for cooking bountiful meals for her family to enjoy. - Tweet a picture of what you got at Pinecrest and get a free cookie!
- Jokes of the day
- Events awareness
- Instagram (shared posts) -More consistency
- More interaction:
Baking/cooking tip of the day
- Dessert picture: “Guess the name”? “Guess the flavor”?
- The most creative #hashtag Yelp Pinterest Instagram - Not developed yet.
- Opportunity for Brand Awareness (Images) Events: Print ads: Recommendations: - Media presence: people are talking about Pinecrest… "What are they saying?" "How can we take advantage of it?"
- Awareness of negative comments
- Good quality pictures More Sponsorships
Join the UM Farmer's Market
School Packages Artsy pictures of the store to show people how cozy it is
“Sweet of the day”
“Sandwich of the day”
Follow people that live within the area; students of the University of Miami Currently Foursquare Posts pictures of food -Awareness of our presence in Foursquare
-Interact with people that have mentioned Pinecrest (feedback): add them on Facebook, look for them on Instagram/Twitter Picture of a dessert and ask followers people “Guess the name”?
Instagram a picture of what you got at Pinecrest and you will get a free cookie -Cover picture: change typography-Information: special promotions, events, etc.
-Comments regarding the event
-Invite people to write a review of their experience on Yelp - Jokes of the day
- Pictures
- Instagram (shared) Recommendations Currently Recommendations Fresh Bread
Sandwiches and Wraps
Breakfast and Coffee All items are made daily and are customizable
Products are reasonably priced with generous portions
Delivery and online ordering will be accessible by the end of May 2013 Pinecrest Bakery offers classic Hispanic foods and pastries.. fun
passionate zesty
- Open 24 hours
- Online presence
- Shipping (U.S.A.)
- Disadvantages
- No Delivery
- No Marketing/ Adv.
- Store Environment WEBSITE - Advantages
- Local
- Disadvantages
- Not Open 24 Hours
- Weak Online Presence
- No Delivery
- No Marketing/ Adv.
- Store Environment - Advantages
- Local
- Many Locations
- Disadvantages
- No Marketing/Adv.
- Store Environment All these bakeries lack a strong and attractive brand image. Qualitative In-Store Survey Based on a small sample survey we conducted, many of our customers are above the age of thirty. Most of the older customers do not participate in social media but they come in mostly for breakfast. As expected, most respondents were Hispanic or of Latin descent. SpotOn Loyalty Rewards Program Pinecrest Bakery came about with the inspired thought of opening a bakery in a location where there was no easy, on-the-go, authentic Cuban food.

Only three months after their initial opening date, they had already surpassed the average daily revenue of all the other prominent, family-owned Cuban bakery chains in South Florida.

Enthusiastic by their success, a second bakery opened on 6718 Bird. Rd. on February 6th 2013.

By February of next year, they will have 6 bakeries open around South Florida, including a warehouse that will serve as their central distribution department. Opened December 18th, 2013 on 12101 S. Dixie Hwy. SpotOn - Currently Building Following
- Need to interact more with consumers
- Schedule timed messages The Pinecrest Newspaper Promos: NinjaBites Pinecrest Bakery offers a broad selection of traditional food for the modern lifestyle in a stylish and welcoming ambiance.
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