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Ms. Kendall's 5th Grade Expectations

No description

Amy Kendall

on 5 September 2018

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Transcript of Ms. Kendall's 5th Grade Expectations

5th Grade Schedule
Ms. Kendall: Science
Ms. Kendall: Social Studies
Mrs. Fritz: Reading & Mrs. McNeal: Math

Ms. Kendall's 5th Grade Expectations
Middle School & College Preparation...
...Begin TODAY!
5th grade academic work is evaluated from DAY 1
If not taken seriously...
...you hurt YOURSELF in middle school
Example of middle school schedule and classes
The Kalamazoo Promise
Pays for any Michigan college/university tuition
Prairie Ridge Policy
Please treat kindly or lose privilege
Access to desktop/laptop computers, document cameras, iPads, iPhones, Chromebooks, , etc...
Ms. Kendall TAG representative for the district
Student technology
parent written permission
, cell phones are to be kept in lockers at all times
If outside of lockers for any reason...
1st time:
Teacher takes and returns to student at the end of the day with verbal warning
2nd time:
Teacher takes and parent must come to school get it from principal
First Two Weeks
No Room for Negative Vibes
In 221, there is absolutely no room for:
Negative self talk or thoughts
"Can't" "Won't" "But"
Disrespect to self, peers, staff, or school property
Homework Expectations
Kalamazoo Public Schools Policy
10 minutes x Grade = Homework time per night
10 x 5 = 50 minutes per night
May have homework from any subject!
30 minutes reading per night
Reading Logs from your reading teacher
Homework is incorporated into your overall grade
Progress Reports sent home weekly/bi-weekly
Your job...
Practice 5th grade procedures/routines for each class
Create Rules/Consequences for Classcraft
Get to know peers
Begin getting used to switching classes
My job...
Help you become productive, successful members of society both socially and academically

Rules & Expectations
Prairie Ridge Cougars do their
Cougar Cards
Students collect 10 = Cougar Cart
Classrooms collect 5 = School bragging rights and a fuzzy friend!
Kendall's Expectations a.k.a. Rules
Reflection/Goal Sheets
Procedures & Routines
5th Grade team are similar
Materials in class
No hats, purses, coats, backpacks in classrooms
Passing Periods/Dismissal are 5 minutes...
Change books, clothes, or shoes
Use the bathroom, wash hands, change personal products
Late arrival to class will be penalized
Welcome to 5th Grade!!!!
Fun activities unique to 5th graders at Prairie Ridge!
Track & Field Day
Ski Trip
Entry & Dismissal
Drop off at doors at 8:44am
Stay in the cafeteria
Breakfast, bathroom, clean-up
Specials start at 8:55am!!!!!
If you are tardy, go to your special, not your classroom
Switching Classes
Check board outside classrooms for needed class materials
Enter classroom quietly, have an ACTIVE PENCIL
Sit at your assigned seat, filling out your planner
Watch Channel One, lockers, mailboxes, clean
Art with Mr. Duncan
Think creatively, draw, sketch, make pottery, and more!
Music with Mrs. Hoffman
Sing, limbo, play recorders and other instruments!
Physical Education with Mr. Pick
Run, jump rope, get fit!
Bring tennis shoes to school or keep in locker.
You can change clothes if you wish, but not required.
Library with Ms. Devould-Cohn
Check out library books and return them in a timely manner.
Drinks, Snacks, Lunch / Recess
Water Bottles
Contain water and must close/seal
Beginning of second class
Line up with outdoor appropriate gear
Serve recess detentions with the teacher you owe
Don't skip out, your detention will get worse if you do
Middle of second class, leave materials in class
Lunch Bucket
**Activity helpers are teachers, they are to be treated respectfully
Remember, respect is a two-way street.
YOU are responsible for KNOWING what will be happening during YOUR school week, month, year...AND communicating that information by SHOWING and TALKING to YOUR parents EACH day!
Classcraft rewards and consequences WILL be taken EACH day for having YOUR planner IN EACH 5th grade class
Bathroom Passes
Middle school requires planners, start practicing organization and time management NOW!
"On Time" means...
Early to class
Have all materials and homework
In seat

teacher starts class
On Time vs. In Time
"In Time" means...
Late to class
Missing materials and homework
in seat
teacher starts class
Follow directions the first time!
Units of Study
Forces and Motion
Physics...gravity, friction, aerodynamics
Objects in the Sky
Solar System, the planets, moon, physics
Living Systems
Animal behavior, environment, class pets
Reproductive Health
How to deal with puberty for boys and girls
United States History
Native Americans
Early settlements by Europeans in the Americas
Slave trade and trade goods
American Revolution
Early United States
The Civil War
Industrial Revolution to present
Success in both Reading and Math are NECESSARY for your success in Science and Social Studies!!!!!
Chapter and text selections
Nonfiction Text Features
Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division
Remember our middle school discussion?
Why do we test?
"Teach me what you do or do not know, so I can teach you what you need to know!"
Tests for 5th Grade
Common Growth
M-STEP (Sci or Soc. St., Math, Reading)
MAP/NWEA (Math, Reading, Science)
Pre/Post Unit or Chapter tests (All Subjects)
Fontas & Pinnell Benchmark (Reading)
Planners OUT!
Due by next FRIDAY or date indicated for your first homework grade for Science!
Phone # and home information
Remind Texts
Explore Ms. Kendall's website!
School Releases
Book Orders
Planners everyday, checked by parents
Book to carry with you EVERYDAY!
Science Centers
Due Friday, September 15th
Break summer sludge, show creativity, cooperatively work with peers, complete assignments in class, and show self motivation
Complete 6 of 8 science centers neatly and thoughtfully
Voice level 1 (Whisper)
6 centers x 10 points each = 60 points regular credit
If all 8 are completed neatly and thoughtfully, Classcraft rewards will be given to individual students.

Who is Ms. Kendall?
Taught in Kentucky and Michigan
"Who is Ms. Kendall?" Video later :)
Why do crazy activities?
Benefits from Ms. Kendall's experiences for 5th Graders
Zombie Geography?!!?!!
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