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Emma and Edith- Middle Passage

No description

lib hist

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of Emma and Edith- Middle Passage

Everything from people being forced out of their homes, to being tightly packed into horrendous,diseased ships to not knowing why they were taken and what is going to happen to them.
What in your opinion was the worst part of the Middle Passage?
It is essential to learn about the middle passage because it made a made a impact on the diverse race in America. Even though it was dreadful time in history, we have a right to learn so we can prevent something like that from happening in the future.
Why is it important for students to learn about the Middle Passage?
Emma Paschal and Edith Reynoso
The Middle Passage
We should continue treat everyone equally and educate people about the middle passage so does not happen later in time.
What should be done today as an after effect of the middle Passage?
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