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1st Cross-Content Team Meeting


April Maitner

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of 1st Cross-Content Team Meeting

1st Cross-Content Team Meeting
Lets Get to Know Each Other
Fold a paper into 4 squares
Team Roles
Mandatory Roles:
- Coordinate and direct activities, organized, committed, motivating, diplomatic, maintain a positive team attitude
Behavior Management Tracker
- tracking students and color code the chart for point system, you need to have a strong background in excel (email name to Hillary Van Dyke)
Parent Contactor
- Schedule team meetings, make calls to families for the team and document all contact in Portal, calendar invites to the team, team letter distribution
Minutes Taker
- Keeps logs of all meetings provides team members a copy and uploads for administration,
Moodle Site Manager
- Will be responsible for updating the team moodle site with assignments/homework etc.
Time Keeper
- manages the time during the meeting

Optional Roles:
Field Trip Coodinator
- plan and organize events (on or off) for the team (adults only or with students), add to team calendar
Our Team Agreements
How are we Respectful, Responsible and Safe in regards to each other and our students?

Let's Set some Norms!
~Remember Consensus Rules!~
Team Identity
You are a cross content team to support a group of students!

As a team create a Team Name/Color/Mascot within the theme of Knights:
IE: Trailblazers, Cavaliers, Dynamite, Majestic Minds, Titans, Sonics, Phantoms, Vikings, Challengers, Mavericks

IE: Resilience Team - Color Gold - Mascot Phoenix (This is taken)
(You will be creating a 45 min activity to excite your students about this in homeroom during a welcome day later after your teams Behavior Plan is turned in)
CHAMPS Discipline Plan
As a team fill out the behavior managment plan (in cross content Outlook folder)
AVID Binder and Use
Your team needs to decide how the AVID Binders
How will you divide them for use?

What will go in the binder?

How will your team add value to the binder? (ie: grade it?, BKC reward??)

Who and how will you hold students responsible?
Set your meetings on the Calendar for every Tuesday 8:40-9:10 am
Square 1: 6 Word Memoir
Write your story in 6 words
What is a memoir? (similar words)
I’m poor. I’m going to Harvard.
In love with best friend’s boyfriend.
I was named after a store.
Square 2: Self Portrait
You will draw a representation of yourself.
List 3 things about yourself that you are proud of.
Time Limit: 10 minutes
Square 3: Keys to Motivation
Love/Belonging, Safety, Success,
Fun/Enjoyment, Valued Purpose, Freedom/Independence,
Think: Which motivates you most?
List your top motivation as a heading and a reason this effects you most
Square 4: How will I measure my success this school year?
List 3 attainable goals that you would like to achieve this year.
After each one, write down a reasonable check point time frame (ex: first report card) to refer back to your goals.
What will be on the agenda for the next meeting?
Letter for Parents:
Introduction to team, Calendar of Events, outline of policy (see cross content outlook folder)
Use Chapter 3 in the Champs book for reference
Areas of focus:
Expectations for Classrom Activities and Transitions
the team disucsses Rotations and Restroom (grounds notice and tracking etc)
Procedures for managing student work
: 3. decide on grading policy (weighted categories, 40% fails etc)
4. Dealing with late or missing assignments (see stduent code of conduct)
Team Work Centering Moment
Remember these roles can be rotated or divided at your teams discretion or needs
SBLT Support (Liason)
Just a note all teams will have a member of the School Based Leadership Team assigned to consult with them and represent them at these importent meetings!

(they will do more than that they just don't know what yet! :)
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