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Leadership Change Project

No description

on 8 July 2015

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Transcript of Leadership Change Project

Leadership Change Project
Proposal Presentation

Project Proposal Presentation
Nurses must empower themselves to influence changes to achieve and sustain change. Develop, Construct and advocate for change in healthcare has proved challenging. The goal is to inspire hospital staff team to improve patient satisfaction by providing quality safety care. Improve patient care experience and improve the team efficiency will (Needleman and Hassmiller, (2009).
A cohesive health care system is implementing change in nursing practice. Nurses need to understand how to master these skills. Hospital is committed to provide quality safe efficient patient care and assist with lowering health care costs (Partners HealthCare).

Problem Identify
Delay response to call light

Decrease patient satisfaction

Low Patient Survey Score(HCAPS)

Lack of communication

Low staff moral
Organization Key Players

Educator change agent



Non ancillary personnel
Categorizes leader Theories
Transformation leader
Emphasize vision ,mission and value
Role model to staff
Communicate with staff
Encourage self motivation
Solution to improve Workplace Environment
Staff decision -making
Hourly rounds
Use device (visilert)
Call light policy
Patient feedback
Behavior change
Team A
Kristian Fletcher,
Michelle Mackey,
Donna Nicholes,
Denise Smith,
Ivy Gay Amoranto-Barreto
July 11, 2015
Mary DeNicola
Steps Needed to Implement the Solution
Value Team members option
Exhibit positive reinforcement
Identify leadership style
Method use to inspire team members
Methods Used to Empower and Support Followership
Professional , quality care delivery
Advance education skills
Current evidenced- based- practice
Advance technology
Build trust
Multidiscipline Collaboration
Steps Needed to Implement the Solution
Assess past practice to current practice
Collaborate with team members
Monitor plan action
Evaluate process
Steps Needed to Implement the Solution Continues
Steps Needed to Implement the Solution continues
Team huddles
Staff cooperation
Methods Used to Empower and Support Followership
Personal Attention
Self critique
Self evaluate
Opportunity for change
Influence others
Methods Used to Empower and Support Followership Continues
Role Modeling
Novice leader
Individual style
Critical thinking
Methods Used to Empower and Support Followership
Advance beginner
Expert (experience nurse)
Methods Used to Empower and Support Followership Continues
Building relationship
Share value and goal
Positive personality

Transformational nurses are expected to provide effective, efficient, safe, and quality care in line with organizational mission and vision. They are encouraged to be proactive in attaining and maintaining higher patient satisfaction scores.

The identification of the problem that needs improvement, describing solutions and how it will improve the workplace, and following the steps in implementing the change will greatly increase patient satisfaction score at Kindred Hospital in Los Angeles.
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Staff performance
Team strategic plan
Champion selected
Management support
Staff organization structure
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