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New product development

No description

C. Ney

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of New product development

Beyond Smartphone New Product Development The Concept ... Porter Positioning
Diamond Model Product & Brand
Strategy i Fusion Story Board Apple revolution the world .... Imagine ... An Ipad An Iphone A Mac All Together Significant innovations
for a new way of life The most powerful autonomy ability A Laser keyboard An Holography Screen Ultra Connected devices : Easy files exchange Slide documents from one I fusion to an other
Bigger screen Solar energy Plastic material device Unbreakable i Fusion Introduction Smartphone Market : Mature & Saturate
Consumers are looking for innovative products such as Smartphone, tablet, computer...

Once again Apple revolution the world!
- About to create a breaking change on the smartphone Market
Launch of a new Concept of an innovative smartphone Context A long capacity autonomy battery (Application / internet 3G consume a lot of battery)
Unbreakable phone that resists to falls
An easy solution to share files between two devices (Laptop, phone, tablet) Consumers needs... Brand Name : i Fusion Fusion of all Apple devices combinating their own advantages to create
The most efficient device of the world

A technology revolution

Main features & benefits
Coherent with the Apple main strategy of evolution & development : Thiner, lighter, faster, very connected to the world
Convinient way for sharing files
Respect the Sustainable Development
A solar energy battery
Show on the big screen a new question
Our problematic is:
What do you expect about a revolution of phone? Follow Apple's guideline of communication using Press Relation actions & buzz Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Speech of an important directive executive member in front of all the journalists, bloggers & opinion leaders of the field.

=> To raise the interest and create a suspense atmosphere around the launch of the new product. Step 4 Introduction of the product & Innovation Start to show the introduction video highlighting all the innovative features of the product Consequence:  bloggers & journalists become prescribers of the new product Packaging Same concept as usual
Keep the same graphism THANK YOU Consumers recognize the brand and associate all the benefits
High tech
Designed http://www.huffingtonpost.fr/2013/01/09/video-papertab-tablette-fine-feuille-papier_n_2439341.html?utm_hp_ref=france
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