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Amnesty International

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Harsimran Singh

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of Amnesty International

Amnesty International
Who Are We ?
> Global Movement of more than 3 million people campaigning for human rights

> Our Vision Is For Everyone To Enjoy Thier Rights

> Manily Funded On Public Donations
Mission Statement
Amnesty international mission statement is to conduct
research and generate action to prevent and end
grave abuses of human rights and to
demand justice for those whose rights have been violated.
It's better to light a candle, than curse the darkness
Human Rights Friendly Schools Project
Rights Education Action Programme (REAP)
Education for Human Dignity Project
Raise Awareness
Inform Debates
Tackle Human Rights
African Human Rights Education Program
Amnesty International Campaigns
Stop Torture
You've hung from the ceiling for hours. Your muscles scream. Electric shocks convulse your body. Water forced into your mouth. You think you're drowning. Rape. Mock executions. Whatever it takes to break you. To make you submit. To sign a confession, or hand over information. You're hidden away from the world's gaze. You think you are forgotten, you think you are alone.

All over the world, states are torturing people just like you.
My Body, My Rights
Abolish The Death Penalty

Executions rose by almost 15% in 2013, compared with 2012.
Excluding China, at least 778 people were executed worldwide
Nearly 80% of them were in just three countries: Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.
Why Should you consider Amnesty International ?
Because Millions of People are prosecuted of their rights every day and Amnesty makes it their number one priority to resolve this.
Claudia Medina Tamariz
Evicted from her home
Raped, abused and thrown in jail
At 16 Years got arrested
Soldiers have shot his hands
Beaten up, hanged and officers used pliers to torture him
Spent 8 years in prison and was later hung by the Justice system.
So are we just going to be bystanders and let these events take place ?
Well we make a difference and it starts from making a simple donation and joining amnesty International on their envision.
So why choose us?
Because more than 25 million humans are being enslaved in human trafficking
Because over 250,000 Children are exploited as soldiers in worldwide conflicts
Donate, join, take action and be the change. Together we can shine a light and make this world a better place.
By: Harsimran S. and Vakishan V.
Background Of Amensty
Amnesty International has over 3 milion supporters and helpers in their organization.
The organization was founded on July of 1961 by Peter Benenson
Amnesty was created when Peter overheard two portuguese men were sent to jail becuase they made a toast to freedom.
Thus Peter took a stand and created an organization call "Amnesty International" to promote humna rights around the world.

July 31, 1921 - Feb 25, 2005
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