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Essential question: "How can an author's choice of text type

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Ashley Pollert

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Essential question: "How can an author's choice of text type

Essential question: "How can an author's choice of text type reinforce ideas or themes in a story?"
Text type
Text type is a form or type of a piece of writing.
Theme is the "BIG IDEA" of a passage.
Ask yourself these questions to figure out theme:
1.What did the characters learn?
2. How did the characters grow or change?
3. Why did the characters act this way?
Point of View
Who is telling the story????
It is helpful to know who is telling the story because it engages the reader.
Examples of text type include:
a short story
a letter
a journal
a drama
a biography
a memoir
a myth
It is what the author wants the reader to take away from reading his/her type of text.
Common topics for theme include:
hard work
never give up
do the right thing
Pay attention to:
what the subject is.
what happens.
what happens with the main character.
When you know the theme:
"I know the theme is ________ because the text states _______."
Theme is often inferred!
1st person: the narrator tells "I" or "my" story. Also, "we" and "our" story.
2nd person: the narrator tells "you" or "your" story. Often used for instructions or directions.
3rd person: The narrator tells "his" or "her" story. Often may reveal more thoughts or feelings about one or more characters.
Through whose "eyes" are you experiencing and seeing the story?
Practice time!
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