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03.06 Writing Narrative Body Paragraphs

No description

Rachelle Clerjeau

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of 03.06 Writing Narrative Body Paragraphs

By Rachelle Clerjeau
Body 1
How long can a person oppress the humiliation, dehumanized, and unloved emotions? As a child, I naturally acted like a sponge, soaking up all of the insults and negativity that was directed towards me.I was an odd one, I, unfortunately wasn't able to function as well as the rest of the children. Anyone who "claimed" to be a doctor or some type of help, failed me and most of time, They would purposely do so, so they could feed their money lust. My parents were desperate, they would spend thousands on trying to get the needed help I so desperately needed. In the end, my father became a lousily drunk and my mother would try to hide me from the world, trying to conceal her one mistake. At that time, I believed that I was a mistake and a burden to all.
Body 2
The children at the school I attended showed no mercy or any ounce of pity for me. They hunted me down in an instance, easily picking me out from a crowd like a lion spotting a zebra in the horizon . I tried my best to avoid them, run from them, befriend them but not surprisingly, it failed. No matter what I did, what I have tried, it just wasn't possible for me. This is when I realized that I will be forever cursed, no one would ever treat me as if I am a decent human being. In the end, I was forced to finish off my days of education, forever being that odd boy who was considered to be an outcast from the rest of the children.
Body 3
I was finally an adult and well able to care for myself, I was hoping to find a place where I could belong. For the past year I manage to bring my life just about out of that miserable hole, it has been so long since I actually felt happiness, the people around were decent enough to be called friends. Than it all changed when Fortunato came, he was a lovable one, charming, social, and highly admired by all. Oh, how devastating did it make my life, I was once again the social out cast, no one even bothered about my existence. I could not possibly describe the emotions I was going through during his time here. I was broken. I was alone. I was mistreated. I was sad. I was not alright. I want wanted what he took from me. Life.
Time passed and I though of a plane to get rid of Fortunato. I deeply wanted this happen, I had no second thoughts of what I was about to do. Call me what every you please, I was going to have my revenge. It was just about getting id of him and everything would be fine and dandy, It was what I was feeling from the moment I born. I wanted revenge on who every crossed me and never once thought of my feelings. That night was just to stepping stone to justify what I was feeling. Now that I have done away with the fellow, all I have to do is get everyone else who dared to be burden on me, I am no longer going to allow myself as if I am worth nothing. Then again they have always said I was the odd one out of the crowd, let me get rid of anyone is not like me.
Oh, how delicious it was to finally have tasted sweet justice. For the first time in many years of my pitiful life, I finally felt this kind of- burst of emotions that made me curve my lips upwards. A "smile", as I recall, a real smile was present on my face, but still there's this everlasting desire or need of beacon that this was just the beginning. Fortunato! That poor champ, I had nothing really personal against the fellow but something in me ticked, something made see the darker side of me. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. It had to be done. On the bright side of this, he was the thing that has finally opened my eyes and allowed me to see what was I really was, an un-normal. I shall eliminate anyone who has never once gave me the benefit of the doubt. I think I shall pay my lovely parents a visit first.
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