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It revision

No description

Seb Greaves

on 1 May 2010

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Transcript of It revision

Types of IT System Document Management

Payroll System

Acounting System

Human reources System

Data Processing System

Managment Information System

Low Level and repetetive electronic data capture Data Processing System Managment Information System (MIS) DID - takes Data from internal and external sources
converts it to Information to aid Decision making for managers Information of summarised for strategic planning. Training Users Types of Training Task Based Trains the user to carry out a specific
routine task such as operating an EPOS Induction Training Carried out when a new
employee joins the comapny Skills Based Employees are taught transferrable
skills which can be used to perform
a range of tasks Why Train Employees? So Employees can do their job properly The company will make more money with
trained and efficient employees Well trained employees are more motivated Information and Systems Classifying Levels Type Strategic Tactical Operational Qualitative Quantitative Long Term -
Months and years Summarised Medium Term - Weekly Some Detail Detailed Short Term - Daily Time Historical
Current Day to Day transactions Operational Information Developing ICT Solutions Systems life cycle model Analysis Design Construction of solution Testing Installation and Conversion Review and Maintainance Development methodology Linear

Iterative Factors which may cause Failure :( Innapropriate testing

Poor design

Poor project management Sucess Factors! :) Good teamwork!

Realistic Expectations!

Professional Standards! Supporting users Ways of supporting users Software help files Context Sensitive Help User Guides Factors influencing
choice of support How much will a support
contract cost? Are there enough workers to
justify employing support staff Are there security issues
with employing external contractors?
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