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Theme vs. Main Idea

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Lauren Segarra

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of Theme vs. Main Idea

Theme vs. Main Idea
What is theme?
The message the author wants the reader to learn
The central idea of a work of literature
The writer's view of the worl or a revelation about human nature.

What is main idea?
The main reason a text is written
Common Themes:
Human spirit can triumph even through adversity (hardship)
Good will win in the end
Stand up for what is right
Theme is NOT:
Expressed in a single word
The purpose of a work
The moral
The conflict
Identifying Theme
It is not a word but a SENTENCE
You don't have to agree with it.
Applies to the REAL world
You must use what you know plus the text to guess the theme
What is the main reason you go to school?
What is the main reason you brush your teeth?
What is the main reason you charge your phone?
Alligators are dangerous animals! They are cute when they are small, and some people have tried to make them pets. As they grow older, the alligators grow very sharp teeth and gain lots of strength. They are not friendly animals and do not enjoy human company. It is uncommon, but alligators will attack humans. If you see an alligator, by all means, stay away from this dangerous animal!
What is the main idea of the paragraph?
A. Alligators have sharp teeth.
B. Alligators are dangerous.
C. Alligators are cute when they are young.
As we read in class today, consider the theme and main idea of the passages. Then answer the questions below in your binder:

1. What is the theme of the passage?
2. What is the main idea?
3. How are they different?

Read the passage provided.
1. Write what you think is the theme of the story.
2. Write another sentence explaining what happens in the story that leads you to believe this.

Quick Notes on Main Idea:
What is main idea?
The purpose of the paragraph or text
All information in paragraph connects to main idea
How to identify main idea:
Read the whole text or paragraph
Ask "What is the author doing here?"
Test writers may ask you:

“Another good title for this passage would be…”

It’s just a way of asking for the main idea.

Read the passage and write the main idea in one sentence.
Write an appropriate title for the passage.
Your title should relate to the main idea of the text.

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