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Book Festival

Pathway updated

Erica Brown

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of Book Festival

What is the purpose of the book festival?
How can such an event be funded?
Non-profit book festivals are a great way to support literacy campaigns, inspire families to read together, as well as boost the local economy with increased tourism.

Vehicle to generate funds to support Literacy
Proceeds to benefit local libraries
Establish love of books
Encourage families to read together
Written by Erica Brown, Brittany Epperly and Mechelle Moore
Non-Profit Funding of Book Festival
Recent recession has increased demand for non-profit services. This has resulted in a strain both financially and operationally in trying to meet this demand (Borderline, 2012).
Timing Counts

Best Festival During the Holiday Season
“Seasonal Cash Flow - Many nonprofits raise a majority of their income during the last quarter of the year, when donors are often in a more charitable mood and large donations may be made for tax reasons.” (Nonprofit Institute Quarterly Report, 2014, p. 4)
Count the Cost

nlimited $10,000.00
Title Sponsorship
Media Acknowledgment
Back Cover Program Advertisement

Extreme $5,000.00
Mention by Name in All Releases & Announcements
Full-Page Program Advertisement
Logo Listing on All Print Materials

Pro $2,500.00
1/2 Page Program Advertisement
Logo Listing
Recreational $1,000.00
1/4 Page Program Advertisement
Listing on All Print Materials

Leisure $500.00
Listing on All Printed materials
Listing on Festival Website

Novice $100.00
Listing in Program

Friend $50.00
Funding for a book festival can come from many sources such as donations from financial or academic institutions, book publishers and private donors.
When seeking local donations, it is important to communicate with people exactly what their donations are helping.

Examples of community awareness are:
Putting ads in newspapers
Placing donation boxes
Putting an ad in with a radio station
Another great way to fund a non-profit book festival is asking companies for their sponsorship. “Corporate sponsorship of services and events can be a valuable source of support” (Holt, Glen 2006, p.1)
A great way to advertise the event, and raise money for it, is to host a fundraiser.
Fundraiser ideas

Bake Sales
Raffle Prizes
Sell Event T-shirts
Car Washes
Acquiring support from educational and financial institutions and local business.

Creating a website describing the event can go a long way in getting people to attend and donate. “Mobile donation is an emerging form of technology-mediated civic engagement.” (Chen & Givens, 2013, p. 205).
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# 3 Reading
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In Table Note: Adapted from (Bour Bour, D. , n.d., p 26), Building Communities through Recreation A Guide for Organizing an Outdoor Festival. Retrieved from http://www.sustainablepittsburgh.org/OutdoorFestival/OutdoorFestival.pdf
Estimated Proceeds
5 Ultimate Level $50,000.00
10 Extreme Level $50,000.00
20 Pro Level $50,000.00
25 Recreational $25,000.00

Total Proceeds from Sponsorships $175,000.00
Total Budget Cost for Festival ($19,150.00)
Estimated Proceeds from Event $155,850.00
[money sign and books, photograph]. (2013).
October, 2014,
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(Bour Bour, D., n.d., p 26)
With a well thought out and planned festival the goals of literacy awareness, inspiring families to read together and to boost the local economy can be accomplished.
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Community Donations
Corporate Sponsorships
Incorporating Technology

handshake business family southeast Asia
[photograph]. (n.d.).
November, 2014,
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Financial and academic institutions have also contributed to such causes in the past. These institutions are excellent sources of corporate funding as they benefit from having their names associated with activities that benefit the community. Local businesses also support nonprofit events for the same reasons.
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