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Mystery River...USE ME!!!!

Explanition of the dying of mussels Made by: Zachary, Nicole, and Hannah

Hannah Fitz

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of Mystery River...USE ME!!!!

Mystery River :)

We believe that the main problem in Mystery River is that the pesticides that EnviroMax is spraying on the golf courses and the local parks can eventually go into the river system.
Also, Lancer Farms are sometimes caught spraying harmful pesticides and insecticides.
Both the Lancer farm and EnviroMax are using fertilizers to nurture their crops and to keep the grass beautiful.
When the heavy rain and flood came (in handout 5), it washed the harmful chemicals into the Shawnee River.

Evidence 3: Possible growth in the algae population.
-What happens when fertilizer gets into the water?
Nutrients and waste get into the water. The nutrients and waste come from the chemicals and fertilizer that EnviroMax and Lancer Farm are using. (Handout 5)
Algae uses nutrients to grow, then they age and die releasing nutrients into the water.
Bacteria use oxygen to break down the dead algae.
Reduced oxygen kills animals and release nutrients in the sediments.

(INFO: http://clearchoicescleanwater.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/What-Happens-When-Fertilizer-Gets-Into-Water.pdf )
Evidence 2: More corn planted equals more fertilizer.
The corn that Lancer Farm is growing uses a lot of nitrogen, which is the fertilizer.
When the flood happened, the nitrogen from the fertilizer got carried into the river and started killing the mussels.
The nitrogen that got carried in the flood could also lead to the possible growth in algae (evidence #3)
This year Lancer Farm has planted more corn than ever before.
(INFO: Indian Hill Whispers--> Record County Corn Crop
Expected; Indian Hill Whispers --> Area Spared During Spring Floods; Capitol City Dispatch--> EPA sues Capitol City )

Evidence 1: EnviroMax provides Capitol City with
non-environmentally friendly chemicals.
EnviroMax and Capitol City are to blame for killing the mussels in the Shawnee River.
Capitol City doesn't restrict EnivroMax from over-spraying the golf courses, city parks, and office property.
The farms are also spraying harmful chemicals and fertilizer.
When the flood and heavy rain came, the chemicals washed it into the Shawnee River.
(INFO: Capitol City Dispatch--> EPA sues Capitol City; Indian Hill Whispers--> Area Spared During Spring Floods)
The Honorable

What we learned about mussels:
300 species of mussels.
About 200 are extinct or endangered.
A mussels niche (job) is to filter bacteria, algae, and other small particles.
The mussels improve water quality.

: http://www.georgiawildlife.com/node/1286

Every year at Capitol City they have an annual festival.
At one time,Hopewell elementary was able to make two-three necklaces for the festival. (in handout 1)
This year they had to make necklaces out of plastic because they didn't have enough mussels to give out to all the fourth graders.
The art teacher has noticed the fact that the mussels have been dying over the years, but hasn't taken note of it until now.
Capitol City can hire people that can inspect the chemicals that EnviroMax sprays and make sure that it is environmentally friendly.

- This will help because if the chemicals can't increase the algae population then the mussels won't die as rapidly.

Lancer Farm can plant a little less corn and/or use crop rotations. They could also move a little farther from the river or not plant on that acre of land near the river.

- When the amount of corn is lowered this will lower the nitrates in the soil,
-When they do crop rotations the soil will stay healthy and the soil will be fertile.
-In case another flood comes, there will be no fertilizer or pesticides inside of the soil to get carried into the Shawnee River.
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