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No description

Neil Sullivan

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of BStafford-Piggy-1st

By: Brandon Stafford
Action #1
Action #2
"He says he say the beastie, the snake thing, will it come back tonight"
"But there isn't a beastie"
"They hang in the trees in like ropes and hung in the branches, will they be coming back tonight"
"But there isn't a beastie"
- Lord of the Flies, pg. 36

Action #3
Physical Description
"He was shorter than the fair boy and very fat...he looked up through thick spectacles." - pg. 7
"The fat boy waited to be asked his name…" - pg. 9

"We can use this to call the others. Have a meeting. They'll come when they hear us-" Lord of the Flies, pg. 16
Why is it important?
Piggie pointed out that the conch shell can be used as a trumpet
This caused for all the boys to come together and join each other
Why is it important?
Little boy was shy/timid so the fact that he talked to Piggy about the "beastie" shows that Piggy is approachable
Piggy told the whole group what the little boy said to him --- shows that Piggy has good communication skills
"I've been watching the sea. There hasn't been the trace of a ship. Perhaps we'll never be rescued."
-Lord of the Flies, pg 43
Why is this important?
Piggy makes the point that no one knows the boys' location, which means they will be on the island for a long time
This shows that Piggy is insightful and realistic
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