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No description

Vicki Grucci

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of SNOW LEOPARD

Writing as a process
Grucci Maria Victoria
Level II
Colegio Santa Rosa
First of all the snow leopard has a relation with the tiger. Snow leopards are located in Afghanistan, China and in the middle east and also in Mongolia.
Unlike their larger cousin, the tiger, snow leopards
are offered little protection
in their native habitants
The snow leopard is also intentionally hunted for it fur,as well as for other parts of the body , that in the Middle East is used for medical chinese medicine
They use their bones, claws, fangs and a lot of parts of their body , because it contains a lot of proteins and other sustances that are useful
for those types of medicine.
In a programme of tv, called Discovery Channel, people said that this animal are in danger of extinction and their are very special because their are only in 31 countries
Other people, said that this kind of animals can communicate with other tigers, just doing one type of sound if they are close to the wood of the trees in the jungle. But in my opinion I don't agree with that.
As a consequence of this, we want to prevent the killing of this important animals to don't have an extinction progress
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