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Resting Hill

No description

Nikitha Nair

on 22 April 2017

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Transcript of Resting Hill

This interesting story is told by the author Griffin Ondaatje. In this story, there is a tale told by a grandfather to his grand-daughter. He needed to take rest, that is why he came up with a tale.
3rd and 4th paragraphs
The old man sat down beside the road and pointed to the
palmyra t
ree up on the hill. "See that palm
yra there?"
he said. "And the way there's a
wide dip to
the ground, as if a giant rock had fallen there?" he asked, chewing quickly.

"Yes," said the girl, a little impatiently. She was tired of wal
so slowly with her grandfather.
"That tree'
s been ther forever." "No. There was another tree there - a long time ago. An elephant had to wait beside it a very long time, you know. Have you heard this one before?"
5th and 6th paragraph
The girl did not answ
er. So the man
began his tale.......
An old man and his grand-daughter came walking down the country road. As they climbed a small hill, where a tall
tree stood, the old man slowed down.
Griffin Ondaatje
Resting Hill
1st and 2nd paragraph
"Let's rest a minute," he said. He took a green mango from a basket and bit into it. The girl took a mango too.

Once there was an old elephant tamer named Velappanikkar. His wife's name was Ariyaathai. They lived in the north near Kumulanai. He was once the best elephant tamer in the kingdom. He could tame any elephant because he was very brave and patient. After a long life of elephant, he retired and built a house beside the this road, a mile from here from here, and lived a peaceful life with his wife.
7th paragraph
One morning, Velappanikkar and Ariyaathai were working in their garden when they heard a terrible crash like thunder. People started screaming, and then another crash followed with more screams. The sounds were coming from across the paddy field and Velappanikkar ran out of the garden to see what had happened.
Griffin Ondaatje is a Canadian-born writer and documentary filmmaker who lives in Toronto. In the past he worked with World Literacy of Canada in development education. Some of his books are::-
The Camel Sun
The Mosquito Brothers
The Monkey King
Q1. What was the name of the tall tree near the small hill?
Banyan tree
Pine tree
Palmyra tree

Q2. Where did the elephant tamer live?
Q3. What was the elephant tamer and his wife’s name?
Ariyaathi and Pannikkar
Ariyaathai and Velannikkar
Ariyaathai and Velappanikkar
Q4. What happened while they were working in their garden?
They heard a terrible crash like thunder
They saw everyone crying
It started raining

Q5. What were the two qualities in Velappanikkar that could help tame any elephant?

He was shy and scared
He was brave and annoying
He was brave and patient.
Q6. Where were the sounds of the people coming from?

Across the muddy fields
Across the paddy fieds
Across the farmer's field


Palmyra - : A tree related to palm trees

Elephant –tamer -: A person who keeps control of elephants without harming them.

Retired -: Withdraw from a job , business etc.

Gardening -: The act of cultivating many kinds of plants in the same

Terrible -: Extremely bad or horrible.

Thunder -: Any loud , responding sound.

Paddy fields -: Wet fields with crops .

Q7. Which colour mango did the old man take from the basket?

We will conduct a role play for you......
Q8. The old man and his grand daughter came walking down

highway road
town road
country road
Q9. The author of the resting hill is:

John Murray
Ondaatje Griffin
Griffin Ondaatje
Q10. One morning Velappanikkar and Ariyaatthai were working in ___________________

Q11. Would you like to be an elephant
tamer? Why or why not?
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