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Strategies for Success: Norm's Class

No description

Kelly Douglass

on 16 August 2016

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Transcript of Strategies for Success: Norm's Class

Mistakes are going to happen. Learn from them.
# 4 Evaluate Your Results and Adapt
Strategies for Success in Life and in Learning
Take Control of Your Life
Model an expert.
Find your 20 seconds of courage to execute.
#3 Make a Plan
"learning how to use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you...If you do that, you're in control of your life. If you don't, life controls you." ~Anthony Robbins
"See Life As It Is. Not Worse Than It Is. Then Envision something Better."

~ Anthony Robbins
#2 Set High Standards
You are Responsible for the Rest of your Life.
If you do a good job what kind of rewards will you get?
Good job = Poor Rewards
If you do an Excellent Job, what kind of rewards will you reap?
Excellent job = good rewards
What standard do you need to set?
Poor job = No Rewards
Good Job = Poor Rewards
Excellent Job = Good Rewards
Outstanding job =
What are the most important tools for influencing the quality of your life?
The way to change your life is to manage your state; both Physical and Emotional
Who you choose to hang out with. Who you associate with is who you become.
#2 Have a System
Prepare: Questions
Review Often
Teach/Group discussion
Recall: Spaced Practice
Cues: Metaphors & nmemonics
Study Strategies
Get to Know Your Professors
Study Buddy
Use Campus Resources
Writing Center
Service Learning
Career Services
Center for Innovative Learning
Academic Success Program
Peer Mentors
Peer Tutors
Counseling Center
AES Support
Eckerd Website
Final Thoughts
Multitasking ?
#1 Your State
#2 Your Friends
#1 Growth vs Fixed Mindset
#3 Evaluate/Adapt
Get Help. Resources:
#4 Take Care of Yourself

Balance Is Key


Hours in a week: 168
Sleep: 56
Usable Hrs: 112 hrs./week
1/3 Academic
1/3 Personal Commitments
(sports, job, clubs, spiritual, exercise,
grooming and laundry)
1/3 Social
(friends, family, networking, meals, free time)

37 ⅓ hrs for each third of your time.
Classes: 12-15 hrs.
37-12= 25 hrs./week to study.
25/4 (# of classes) =
6 hours of study time per week for each class.

Time Management for College Success
1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3
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Research by Joanne Cantor
Final Inspiration
What is Your Dream?
Where Do You Start Today?
Growth vs Fixed Mindset
Active Study Strategies
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