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Killer Carnivores

Explore the wild life of Earth's deadliest predators. Everyday is a gamble for life, a kill or be killed way to live.

Sarah Clancy

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Killer Carnivores

Carnivorous Creatures The North American Grizzly(center) and the average pet dog (inset) are more related than you think. They both are part of the canine family. Marten Luther King Information desk By Shray #18 What inspired me to read this piece of literature was the danger that each animal faces. We consider Man superior to all animals, but in truth, we are pampered, and are nothing compared to the predators and prey that dominate the world.For them every choice is a life or death gamble. This polecat appears innocent but is a deadly predator in reality. The caribou (inset) is grazing peacefully.Soon one of it's kind will be on the much smaller wolverine's(center) menu. This is an ermine.Its kind's number has declined drastically due to them being known as pests to farms. Can you kill something this cute? A fossa. What do you think it eats? Deer? Fish? Birds? Nope, this large beast relies on a strange diet of lemurs. Mr. Marten is a well known predator throughout Europe/Asia Credits Killer Carnivores
By Andrew Solway

Marten: Page 20
Fossa: Page 36
Brown bear: Page 12
Wolverine: Page 30
Polecat/Ermine: Page 14
Otter Page 27
Vocabulary-Websters Dictionary
Mr. Marten loves 's. They're not just his breakfast,lunch, and dinner, but dessert too. Vocabulary:
Genus- Family of related animals like weasels and minks. IMPORTANT!
Mr. Marten's friend is in danger. 277,000 Sable martens are killed each year for their fur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CLASSIFIED Otter In Asia, Shortclawed otters are trained to fish.
They can keep part of their catch for lunch.
Extremely smart creatures, they use stones to crack
clam shells. Shortclawed otters are trained to fish in Asia.
They drive the fish into nets.What they catch is dinner. AWWW! Vocabulary:
Steppe-Grassy Eurasian flat plain Vocabulary:
Invertebrate-creatures without backbones. There are only about 20,000 otters left in
the world. The killing hearts Video from: www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQbqiQtUt54
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