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skeletal system

Bone is the structural material of the skeletal.

Gabrielle Rojas

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of skeletal system

Bone Marrow
bone marrow is soft tissue in the center of most bones where both red and white blood cells are formed Skeletal system
the body system that serves as a support framework protacts vital organs works with muscles to produces movement and produces blood cells .the skeletal system serves as a support framework for your body Cartilage
is a soft connective tissue on the ends of sum bones
.It also acts as a cushion where bones meet such as in the knee and hip joint . Cartilage disks between verebrae serve as shacks absorbers . Joint
a joint is the point where two bones meet.
there are several types of joints in your body Keep your skeletal system
.Exercise to stengthen joints
.wear protective equipment and properly
- fitting well cushioned shies and worm up
befor exercising
.sit stand and walk with correct posture
participate in screeing for scolisis The main bones in your body
.the skall
.rib cage
.Vertebrae-spinal column
.tibia Ricktets is a bone disease that is
of early childhood, the disease
is caused by vitamin D deficiency.
The effect of this disease would lead to
soft and weakened bones, bone and
muscle pains, along with any bone de-

Bones work a lot of different ways in one's body.
Not only do they keep us standing and not dragging
all over the place, they produce blood cells, protect
our brain and organs. If a bone was to break, it would be
able to rebuild it self and heal correctly. Also bones allow
us to keep a steady amound of calcium in our bodies.
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