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Improvement Islands in Geography

Presentation Colleagues

Paul Christmas

on 29 March 2012

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Transcript of Improvement Islands in Geography

Learning Islands in Geography ...of lost treasures ...that is safe ... that you can
be rescued from An island is a place... ...that helps you ...that's easily recognisable ....understand their own progression ....make progress ...develop an understanding of skills Island 1: Assessment Maps ...recognise their own strengths and weaknesses Homework is set out
for each unit Key skills and concepts are shown Students write improvement comments based on teacher feedback The most important
assessmments are indicated Students set targets based on strenghts and areas for improvement at the end of each unit. Assessment maps inform students
of unit expectations and provide an
important feedback to parents. Island 2: Marking Criteria Marking criteria
allow students
to self evaluate Specific criteria
informs students
t0 achieve More specific detail is provided in student-speak Grading follows department and school assessment guidelines Island 3 Student Reflection and Evaluation Island 4 Reward An Effective Reward Policy 3 Credits = 1 Merit 15 Credits = 5 Merits
1 Merit for attaining A* in Key Assessment
Geography badges for excellence
Posting the most outstanding work and department displays and in the department blog and celebrating it in the messenger www.tumblr.com/blog/bsbgeography ...that's remote and
encourages reflection Learning islands in Geography are recognisable features in the curriculum which help students.... ...prioritise and plan This helps geographers improve their colouring in!
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