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ANZMEX Assembly 4 February 2014

No description

Adrienne Bonwick

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of ANZMEX Assembly 4 February 2014

Retain 85% of current members for 2014 =>
Targeted membership growth
new members
2 gold =>
4 corporate =>
4 individuals =>
80% new members with interests in AU/NZ/MX =>
50% new members via member referrals =>
February 4 2014
our legal framework
...sustain us and bring new perspectives
membership consolidation
financial stability
quality events & networking opportunities
raising international profile
prepare to renovate board
2013-14 in a nutshell
2014 in a nutshell
We are only as good as our people
Sector Groups
the important stuff
do we have a quorum?
update on board members
do we accept to exclude resigning members?
our legal framework
making ideas & networks bloom
Exclusions – as at 4 February 2014
sector groups
2014 in a nutshell
membership – 2013 results
Energy – Chris Sladen
Agribusiness – Donald Smallwood
Finance & Infrastructure – Edmundo Gamas
International Trade - Javier Mata
Mining - Jorge Sanchez
Culture - Ernesto Galindo
Education – ?
A successful year for our sector groups
Energy - ANZMEX Energy Debate Programme
Mining - Integrate new members, participate in LADU
Agriculture/Trade: Support ProMexico Foro de Negocios
Trade: Monitor & update TPP progress
Finance & Infrastructure: IMEXDI, Infrastructure Events
Culture: Racing Week, Hola Aunz
Corporate Social Responsibility: Launch Sector
Education: Find a champion
2014 sector group priorities
Beatriz Ramirez resigned in May 2013
Lucia Lopez joined us in August as Membership & Events Coordinator
Finance Report – Income Statement
Maintain cash balance of MXN 30,000
Continue professional development for staff
Invest anticipated “profit” wisely:
Events - CSR, Racing Week,
Promotion - ProMexico mission
Travel - LADU, ProMexico mission
Finance/Administration – 2014 priorities
Balance sheet (as at 31 December 2013)
services – 2014 focus
Sponsor relevant events
Attend and network
Present / actively participate
Promote / refer to colleagues, clients, contacts
Contribute promotional material where relevant
getting the most from your events
2014 Event Calendar
Thank you, gracias
Key relationships
General discussion
what would we like more of?

what could we do differently?
Corporate Social Responsibility
Support selected NGOs
Include CSR in sector activities
Hold CSR event
Launch ANZMEX CSR programme
membership – growth in corporate
expand network of members to Australia/NZ
active participation in missions, conferences
promote staff database
?other services?

ANZMEX racing week
Ensenada wine trip
Foro de negocios Mexico-Oceania
Individual members:26

Corporate members: 33

Gold members: 4

Membership – who are we?

Individual members

Corporate members

Gold member

Lucia previously worked at the Australian Embassy and Austrade and has first hand knowledge of life in Australia from having spent 1 year in Melbourne as part of her International Business degree studies (RMIT).

* Calculated as 10% of invoiced amounts

8, 9. 10 May
3-7 June-Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland
28, 29 May - Sydney
Latin America DownUnder (LADU)
3 - 9 November
George Wallace O'Neill
DOB: 17 January 2014
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