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Variables in Science

Differences between controls, constants, independent and dependent variables.

Brittany F

on 9 March 2013

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Transcript of Variables in Science

Variables in Science Independent Variable Constant The constant in an experiment is
what, throughout the whole
experiment, stays the same. Control Dependent Variable Dependent variables are what is measured in the experiment. It is changed because it responds to the independent variable. Effect. This is the variable that is changed because the scientist decided to change it. Cause. The normal group in the experiment is the control. For example, in an experiment testing whether using chemicals to ripen fruit is faster than natural ripening, the constant would be the amount of time they are left to ripen as well as the type of fruit. In the same experiment, the control would be the group not affected by chemicals because a naturally ripened fruit can compare to the chemically ripened one. The dependent variable is the amount of time is takes for each fruit to ripen within the set time. THE END :D Whether or not the fruit got the chemical treatment or not is the independent variable.
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