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Leah El-Zahr 1B-Prezi 1

No description

Angela Altazan

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of Leah El-Zahr 1B-Prezi 1

Features of Informational Text
Features of Informational Text
Two-Toed Sloth
Main Idea of paragraph 3
Two-Toed Sloth
Main Idea of paragraph 5
Two-Toed Sloth
Venn Diagram
Two-Toed Sloth
Interview with Sloth Canopy Researcher: Byrson Voirin
Hawaii's Endangered Happy Face Spider
Describe the unique pattern found on the happy face spider's back. What makes this pattern unique? What in the text makes you think so?
Hawaii's Endangered Happy Face Spider
What do different scientists believe about the strange markings found on the happy face spider's back? Include details from the text in your answer.
Hawaii's Endangered Happy Face Spider
How does living on the undersides of leave help the happy face spider stay out of the limelight? Use a quote from the text in your answer.
Leah El-Zahr
Bolded questions
Short paragraph of the answer the person is giving
easy to understand
Q and A in an organized way
It helps to read one question at a time

Has picture with caption for a better understanding
A short piece of informational text
With current ideas
The Two-Toed Sloth is the world's slowest
mammal algae grows on it's furry coat . It lives
in Central and South American rain forest .
Sloths are told by the amount of toes they
have . They have two -three toes. They spend their
time mostly in the treetops hanging from the tree-
top branches .Sloths sleep to 15-20 hours each day. Sloths give birth while hanging in trees The baby sloths spend around five weeks with their
mothers .Their strong hind legs help them pull
them selfs along . Sloths long arms help them
pull along with stroking as they swim. Two- toed
sloths are bigger than three-toed sloths.

The main idea of paragraph 3 is about
what the sloths do in the treetops . They
spend alot of time hanging fom branches
with a powerful grip with their claws .
Sloths sleep for 15-20 hours each day.
Also what they eat , such as leaves,shoots,
and fruit from trees. In paragraph 3 it says,
''They sleep alot some 15-20 hours every
day.''It also says,''At night they eat leaves,
shoots,and the fruit from trees.''
The main idea of paragraph
5 is all about sloths bodies.
It talks all about sloths legs that can grip
onto branches.The claws they have help
to grasp onto stuff .These animals have
no way to defend themself against
predators.In the paragraph it says,
''On land sloths' weak hind legs provide
no power and their long claws are a hindrance.''
''They must dig into the earth with their front
claws.'' also, ''These animals have no chance
to evade predators,such as big cats , and must
try to defend themselfs by clawing and biting.''
sloths have algae
Sloths eat fruit,leaves,and shoots
both talk about sloths
in treetops
It talks about sloths that
take so long to find .
sloths can be prey to other
sloths giving birth
sloths are good at swimming
sloths that have two- toes are
slightly larger than three-toed
Talks about two-toed
Both talk about sloths
sloths legs and claws and how
they are used
sloths are three-toed
Talks about Bryson Vorin's
talks about what tools he
uses to find sloths
talks about where he
goes to find sloths
Says they look like dark
spots with hair
Different scientist believe that the strange
markings on its back is a way to scare or
warn of predators, such as birds .
Some scientist don't believe this theory .
In the text paragraph #3 ,''Some scientist
think the scientist may have developed these
strange markings as a way to warn of
predators,However some scientist don't
believe on this theory.''
It helps the spider stay out of lime light
by living in the undersides of leaves.
In paragraph #4 it says ,''The happy
face spider generally tries to stay out
of the limelight.It lives on the undersides
of leaves , deep in the rainforest .
this can make it diffucult for the scientist
to locate the spider.''
The happy face spider is known for it's
unique pattern on its back .The marks resemble
two circles that look likes eyes. There is
a curved shape below similar to a smile.In the
passage it states paragraph #2 ,''The happy face
spider's name comes from the unique pattern
found on it's pale colored back. The marks
resemble two circles that look like eyes.
There is a curved shape below similar to a
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