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Should Volatile Organic Compounds be banned

No description

Nadia Persaud

on 24 February 2013

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Transcript of Should Volatile Organic Compounds be banned

If Volatile Organic Compounds Is Banned
Made by Nadia 706 Volatile Organic
Compounds are
used in cleaning
products. Houses won't be
clean or look
attractive. A hard life to start
maintaining May start giving
giving you stress. Guests wouldn't want to
come to your house
because of the condition
it's in. Then you will be
known as a person
who doesn't take
care of their home There would be no jobs for the
employees who work with using
(Voc's) We won't need to pay
them saving money of
the government. The governments can
spend their money on
making other inventions
other than parks, schools
and many more Then we will have
more fun to do
outdoor and indoor People wouldn't have
enough money to feed
their family The government
would have to give
them money for
unemployment so
they can stay alive Then the government
won't have enough
money to create public
places such as schools
and parks etc. No need to
worry about
disposal cause
it's banned The engineers
who made the
machines that store
it safely, dispose
of it will have
found other jobs Unemployment rate
gets up, more money
to create more jobs and
more arguments
by the city Government
gets blamed for
being unable to
create more
(proper) jobs People are going
to start protesting Majority of
people don't have
jobs The environment
will be safe from
the chemicals
being banned NO animals will
die or get cancer
if it's banned Since we are eating
the animals the
animals won't carry
any bacteria or germs
from the chemical The more we eat
the more
we get. Being healthier
leads to living
longer More work can be done More goals can be achieved! Toxic smell going into your lungs could lead to death the person's family is sad they have to pay for a funeral Bankruptcy can't afford thing will be poor
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