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Copy of Literature Lesson

No description

Elizabeth Tompkins

on 10 November 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Literature Lesson

Research & Instruction
I am the instructional library liaison to the English Department. I put this presentation together so that you might learn about the OWHL services and resources and be able to take advantage of them, either personally, or as an instructor. When you plan your instruction, don't hesitate to think of the OWHL librarians as partners who provide research help and as collectors of resources for you and your students.

If your class has assignments with a research component, I would love to collaborate with you! My instruction could be as simple as "quick-skills" sessions, where the students learn how to use our catalog, or which database to search, or how to properly cite in the style of your choosing. If necessary, I could spend a class period or more guiding the students through the research process and navigating various resources. Other services available to support your class are library reserves and network lending through our consortium - for more information, feel free to contact me.

At the OWHL, we use online research guides tailored to an instructor's needs. Links to these are available on the library webpage, and may be embedded in Canvas as well. If you think this tool would be useful for your students, please let me know and I will create an OWHL Guide for your class.
by Beth Tompkins
Oliver Wendell Holmes Library
English Department Support and Resources

At the OWHL, we are dedicated to providing resources that serve our community with the best content in the most convenient format. We welcome suggestions from faculty members as experts in subject areas.

Our print collection is extensive, and we aim to be mindful when making decisions to add titles. Please let us know when you are looking for books that will support your teaching or research, or if you haven't found an important print resource we should own. We'll be sure to get it.

Some materials lend themselves well to digital access. Obvious examples are art books and images, atlases and maps, journal articles, and some academic textbooks. We subscribe to hundreds of databases and all of them are available to everyone in the community. Whether you are looking for literary criticism, reference articles to provide historical background, or high quality art images, we can access it for you digitally.

Our Archives and Special Collections contain many unique items and artifacts in many formats - be sure to meet with archivist Paige Roberts for access.

For Instruction:

The OWHL offers dedicated, reservable space to teach classes. These spaces may be used in conjunction with a collaborating librarian, or used by you with your students. Classroom spaces have Apple TVs or overhead projectors. Other spaces are available in the library if you do not have a need for equipment to teach. When reserving a room via our Circulation Desk, be sure to communicate your needs.

For Collaborating:

When working on group projects, almost all open spaces are readily available and do not need to be reserved. On each level of the library, students and teachers have choices for flexible areas to work together, including long tables, casual upholstered seating areas, and carrels.

For Creating:

Check out the NEST, the new makerspace on the lower level of the library. If you'd like to integrate a hands-on creative project into your curriculum, we have some very cool tools to help you do that. Contact our maker maven, Claudia Wessner, for details.
Beth Tompkins
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