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Art Merit Badge Workshop

No description

Hailey Thompson

on 12 April 2014

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Transcript of Art Merit Badge Workshop

Art Merit Badge Workshop
What is on the agenda?
Elements and Principles of Design
Different art mediums and kinds of art
Visual Storytelling project (pg. 51-53)
Trip to Stewart Memorial Library
Real life drawing (outside!)
Experiment with 4 different mediums
Functional Art or Logo design project
Art Careers
Different Kinds of Art Different Mediums
Ceramics and Sculpture
Digital Art
Collage (mixed media)
Performance Art
Interior Design
Visual Storytelling Project
Functional Art or Logo design project
You may only choose to complete ONE of these:
Careers in Art
Please refer to the list of majors and minors on page 61.
Pick 3 careers(majors or minors) that sound interesting to you and look at your merit badge book to see what education and training you need to have at one of those jobs. (59-61)
Why does this profession interest you?
Functional Art and Design
"Have you ever been frustrated when you were trying to do something and wondered why no one has invented something to make your task easier?"
Create sketch and make notes of your ideas and how your product would be used. Ask yourself questions like: Who is going to use it? Does my design need any reworking?
After design is approved by me, make your final design.
Create a promotional piece to make people want to buy your product. See pg 55 for an example
Logo Design
"A logo is an identifying symbol designed to make people recognize a company or product every time they see it."
Design a logo, it can be for a company, a product, a team or other organization or service.
Start by sketching ideas. Choose design elements that help communicate the message of your logo. Be prepared to explain the significance of those elements with me.
Once you design your logo, you must apply it to Scout equipment, furniture, notebooks, ceramics, or fabric. **Wait to do this step when you are home and with parent's permission!!
Pencil (pg. 31)
Pen and ink (pg. 32)
Watercolors (pg. 40)
Pastels (pg. 39)
Oil Paint (pg. 44-45)
Tempera paint (pg. 41)
Acrylic paint (pg. 42-43)
Charcoal (pg. 33)
Computer drawing or painting (pg. 45-49)
Your task is to tell a story with a picture or pictures.
Create an idea for a story. (What do you want to express with this image?)
It might be helpful to write out a story or short paragraph of what you want to express
Decide what your subject will be and create the picture according to the elements and principles of design we talked about.
Your picture must have three parts:
Subject-people, objects, and landscapes
Content-the story, expressed as mood and message
Composition- the ordered arrangement of the elements of art to reinforce the content
See pages 51-52 for more guidance and examples
What kind of mood does this painting express?
What do you think the artist is telling you about his world?
Norman Rockwell's "From Concord to Tranquility" (1973
Edvard Munch's "The Scream" (1893)
Vincent van Gogh's "The Starry Night" (1889)
How does this painting affect
you? (What does it make you
think about?
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