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Tramp, by Rupert M. loydell

No description

scott shehan

on 23 September 2015

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Transcript of Tramp, by Rupert M. loydell

In this presentation, we will be looking at inferences made in the poem 'Tramp' by Rupert M. Loydell. We will also be explaining, in detail, these points by including evidence from the text.
First analysis
at first glance you would assume that the poet is refering to the tramp as being crazy as the poem calls the homeless man a "Mad" prophet, however when the quote is actually analysed you can see that he is also called a "prophet." this implies that he has more knowledge than anyone else and that he is also closer to god than anyone else; or that he is a messenger from god.
"This Mad Prophet"
The Poem
This mad prophet
Gibbers mid-traffic
Wringing his hands
Whilst mouthing at heaven.
No messages for us.
His conversation is simply
A passage through time.
He points and calls

Our uneven stares dissuade
Approach. We fear him, his
Matted hair, patched coat,
Grey look from sleeping out.

We mutter amongst ourselves
And hope he keeps away. No
Place for him in our heaven,
There it’s clean and empty.
Tramp, by Rupert M. loydell

By Lewis, Marlon And Scott
outsider, different
from others
messenger from god/ closer to god
more knowledge/
speaking to god
better than others
Speaking to the heavens
Is actually mental
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