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The Odyssey Book 17

No description

Katharine Chester

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of The Odyssey Book 17

The Odyssey By Homer Book 17 By Katharine Chester Characters In the morning, Telemachus heads off to the palace to reunite with Penelope. When he reaches the palace he meets Theoclymenus and Piraeus in the palace hall and tells Piraeus not to bring his gifts from Menelaus to the palace because he is afraid that if he is killed the suitors will take the gifts. Telemachus meets with Penelope and tells her what little news he has heard about Odysseus in Pylos and Sparta, but he doesn’t tell her that he has met with Odysseus. Meanwhile, Odysseus and Eumaeus head towards town. On the way, they meet Melanthius who insults Odysseus and Eumaeus before kicking Odysseus in the hip and trying to kick him off the path. When Eumaeus and Odysseus reach the palace, Odysseus receives food from all the suitors except for Antinous. Instead of giving food Antinous insults and throws a chair at Odysseus who is disguised as a beggar. A report of the cruelty reaches Penelope. She requests to speak to the beggar about Odysseus, but the beggar who is Odysseus does not want the suitors to see him going to the queens quarters. Eumaeus announces he is going back to tend his hogs, leaving Telemachus and Odysseus alone with the suitors. Summary Recognition/ disguiseIdentity: At the feast Penelope witnesses the cruelty inflicted upon a beggar (Odysseus) and invites him to speak with her about Odysseus. She doesn’t realize that Odysseus is disguised as the beggar.
Example: Pg 272 lines 552-556

Hospitality (Generosity) versus greed: Athena spurs on Odysseus who is disguised as a beggar to beg for food from each of the suitors. Every suitor gives him food except Antinous who is greedy and will not share food that is not even his own.
Example: Pg 270 lines 492-497

Self restraint versus unthinking reaction: After Odysseus questions Antinous’s motives for not giving him any food Antinous loses his temper and throws a footstool at Odysseus. Odysseus shows great self restraint by not even flinching or reacting to the blow.
Example: Pg. 270 lines 498-508

Code of revenge: When Odysseus reveals his true identity to Telemachus,he then reports to Odysseus that the suitors plotted to kill him while Odysseus was away. The information leads to Odysseus and Telemachus planning revenge on the suitors for the betrayal. There is foreshadowing of their plans when Antinous throws a footstool at Odysseus and Odysseus wishes revenge on him by the gods.
Example: Pg. 271 lines 509-516 Themes p. 269 lines 439-463 Reading Telemachus- The son of Odysseus and Penelope is plotting with Odysseus to kill the suitors.

Penelope - The wife of Odysseus who was overwhelmed by greedy suitors when her husband did not return after the fall of Troy.

Odysseus - The King of Ithaca, disguised as beggar after returning from his disappearance.

Eumaeus - The faithful swineherd of Odysseus, takes Odysseus to the palace where the suitors are feasting.

Athena - Daughter of Zeus, aids Odysseus during the feast.

Antinous- Son of Eupeithes, scornful suitor of Penelope who refuses to give Odysseus/ beggar any rations and instead throws a footstool at him.

Melanthius - Son of Dolius, brash sheepherder who supplied the best goats of his herd for the suitors dinner. He insults Odysseus, kicks him on the hip and tries to shove him off the path.
Quiz :Book 17 of The Odyssey Why did Antinous throw the stool at Odysseus? Answer:
Antinous threw the stool at Odysseus because he was publicly shamed for not giving food to him like the rest of the suitors. Question 2; True or false?
Penelope knew that the beggar was Odysseus and wanted to have a public reunion. Answer:
False ! Question 3:
The Swineheard was
a) Melanthius
b) Eumaeus
d) Argus Answer b) Eumaeus ANY QUESTIONS? THE
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