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Cataract SX Chioces

Renato D'Agruma

on 9 March 2013

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Transcript of CAT SX

Advancements in Cataract Surgery Surgeons Cataract Choices Catalys®
Laser Cataract Surgery Custom Cataract Results
for Maximum Distance
Leaders in eye care education
Dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of eye care technology
Active leaders in a number of professional organizations
Lecture internationally Lifestyle IOLs Results Provide full range of vision for Far, Near and Intermediate distances
May still need reading glasses for extensive small print, or very fine detail
May have some glare with night vision
Includes laser Agenda

Understanding what a cataract is

How to treat it

Educate you about choices you
have as a patient

Help you develop a plan for
diagnosis and vision correction Optometrists (Doctors) All Doctors are versed in all aspects of the eye care: Traditional
Basic lens will be used

Lifestyle or Custom Lens One of the World’s Most Sophisticated
Laser Cataract System

State of the Art Precision and Comfort High quality DISTANCE vision.
Need glasses for INTERMEDIATE and NEAR vision. CLEVELAND EYE CLINIC Dr. Troy Bornhorst
O.D., M.S. William F. Wiley,
M.D. Shamik Bafna, M.D.
Corneal Specialist Cataract Procedure Choices
Summary Dr. Thomas M. Chester
O.D., F.A.A.O. Cataract
Pre and Post Surgical Care Dry Eye
Macular Degeneration
Diabetes of the Eye Dr. Troy D. Bornhorst
O.D.,M.S. Dr. Kathy R. Gonzales
O.D. Dr. Ryan O. McKinnis
O.D. Dr. Peter Smidt
O.D. Married to Mandy
Daughter Brynn
Enjoys playing piano and cards


Youngstown State University, Youngstown, Ohio, 2000
MS 2004 - Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
Doctor of Optometry, 2004
Ohio State University College of Optometry
Magna Cum Laude
Completed his residency in 2004 – 2005 at Cleveland Eye Clinic
Active member of:
American Optometry Association
Ohio Optometric Association
Optometric Refractive Surgery Society
Optometric Council on Refractive Technology Dr. Troy D. Bornhorst
O.D.,M.S. Almost Everyone Will Develop Cataracts
as They Grow Older.

Typically, People inTheir Sixties and
Most People Over Age Seventy
Have Some Degree of Cataracts. Who Develops Cataracts? Natural crystalline lens (water and protein)

With age, protein will clump together

Natural lens becomes clouded

Objects become blurry

Left untreated, can lead to blindness What are Cataracts? Subcapsular (back of the lens)

Nuclear (center of the lens)

Cortical (outside of the lens)

Congenital (birth) Types of Cataracts Dull colors
Halos- Night Driving
Difficulty Reading
Blurred or Double Vision
Glasses Prescription Symptoms of Cataracts Mid 40’s

Natural lens harden
Far and Intermediate

Early stage of Cataracts Do I need Glasses? Remove the natural lens
Intraocular lens (IOL) implant
The only treatment for cataracts
Safe and Highly Successful
Worldwide: 15+ million IOL procedures/yearly
USA: 3+ million IOL procedures/yearly TREATMENT FOR CATARACTS Outpatient procedure
Topical and twilight anesthesia
Numb and happy
Typically no sutures
Micro-incisional technique The Cataract Procedure Basic
Will Correct the distance vision
Patients still need reading prescription glasses

Only out of pocket co-pay or deductible
Medicare cover most of the cost
Supplemental Insurance covers Cataract Lens Choices Causes blurred vision
irregular shape of the cornea
curvature of the lens inside the eye
Common vision condition
slight amounts usually don't affect vision
don't require treatment
Larger amounts cause
distorted or blurred vision
eye discomfort
headaches ASTIGMATISM Precise and Accurate Astigmatic Correction
Predictable Outcomes
AND ASTIGMATISM ORA Technology The only surgery center to offer ORA in Northeast Ohio
Real time measurements during surgery
Surgeon select optimum IOL lens power
Precise lens alignment for optimum vision correction
Prior to ORA, waited weeks for surgical results PLATFORM of TECHNOLOGY Reduction in ultrasound phaco energy
48% less impact with Laser than Traditional surgery Benefits of Laser Cataract Surgery Cataract – Segmentation and Softening Segmentation Softening Benefits of OPTI PLUS Technology Surgeons achieve accurate results
Provide you with improved quality of vision
Improve accuracy of astigmatism correction
Beneficial to patients who had RK, PRK, or LASIK in past 2/3 of surgeons do not offer these choices
700 Lenses available “real time” based on Opti Plus measurements
Optimum vision correction because of the Technology The IOL Portfolio Single Power Custom Lifestyle ReStor Crystalens Basic Toric Tecnis
Different types of lifestyle lenses
Significantly reduces the need for glasses
Near and Distance
Catalys Laser Included
Not everyone is a candidate for Lifestyle

Co-pay or deductible
Up-charge for lifestyle ($3600/eye)
Medicare cover standard cost

NO Astigmatism Correction

Vision Correction
Correct Distance Vision
Need Reading Glasses

--- Insurance Coverage ----
Medicare / Supplemental Ins

--- Patient Cost ----
Co-Pay LASER Surgery
Astigmatism Correction
Toric Lens
Vision Correction
1. Correct Distance Vision,
but need Reading Glasses

--- Insurance Coverage ---
Medicare / Supplemental Ins

--- Patient Cost ----
$1,800 / Eye Out-of-Pocket LASER Surgery
Astigmatism Correction

Vision Correction
Premium Lens

--- Insurance Coverage ---
Medicare / Supplemental Ins

--- Patient Cost ----
$ 3,600 / Eye Out-of-Pocket CUSTOM Choice Maximize distanceCatalys or monovision
Especially beneficial for astigmatism
Different ranges of custom Toric and Monovision
Best fit for majority of patients
Includes Laser

Co-pay or deductible
Up-charge for custom $1800 per eye
Medicare cover standard
Financing is available Catalys® What Should You Do about it ? Find out if you have a cataract - get screened
Get an eye exam
Gain back the youthful vision
Regain High Quality Vision without eyeglasses
read a magazine
work on computers
put makeup on
Restore your Daily Active Life Thank You You are invited to stay for a FREE
Vision Screening
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