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Morgan County Schools Facility Planning

No description

Libby Whitaker

on 5 August 2016

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Transcript of Morgan County Schools Facility Planning

Facility Planning Goals
Safety and security
Access to programming opportunities
Life-cycle costs and energy efficiency

Fiscal responsibility
Traffic flow
Strategic Option chosen
Phasing in of a:
New College and Career Academy to open July 2017
New Transportation Facility July 2018
New Morgan County High School July 2018
New Morgan County Middle School December 2019
Middle School Site Feasibility
How do we fund this?
A Combination of funding sources including State Entitlement Earnings, E-SPLOST (Advance funded with GO Bonds), Career Academy Grant, State CTAE Grants.
Morgan County Schools Facility Planning
Strategic Option Chosen
Projected Funding Formula
State Entitlement Earnings = $21,573,620*
Career Academy Grant = $3,000,000
CTAE Equipment Grant = $588,000
In-Kind Commitments = $263,163
E-SPLOST Funding IV,V,VI = $31,338,615
(Advance GO Bonds 27mil)
Total Anticipated Project Funding = $56,763,398

*State Entitlement Renovation Earnings = $2,393,491
Local/State Funding Package
55% of the Total Anticipated Project Costs will be funded with E-SPLOST and 45% will be funded with State Entitlement and CTAE Grants

Estimated 60% of E-SPLOST is derived from non-residents' spending in the county.
of the Total Anticipated Project Cost will be funded with a
of the local taxpayers
1 penny sales tax
The mission of Morgan County High School(MCHS): A Georgia College and Career Academy is to prepare life-long learners for an ever changing world.
Goal 1:
To implement a focused K-12 vertically aligned college and career ready concept for Morgan County Schools.
Goal 2:
To implement a whole school CCA approach in which 100% of students graduate college and career ready.
Goal 3:
To implement a community of engaged learners who become career pathway completers prepared for high wage, high demand careers and instructed by teachers who are highly qualified and/or have industry experience.
Goal 4:
To create a We are ONE Morgan environment that promotes the implementation of 21st century workplace skills.
Goal 5:
To increase parent engagement by providing multiple outlets through awareness opportunities and programs.
Goal 6:
To implement a Rolling 6 Year Career Plan for 100% of students through a focused Advisement Program.
Goal 7:
To become a Move on When Ready (MOWR) Campus by increasing the percentage of students earning postsecondary credits prior to high school graduation through advanced college credit options. (DE, AP, IB).
Goal 8:
To increase partnerships among postsecondary institutions, local business/industry, and community to increase numbers of students and enhance curriculum and alignment in career pathways linked to the Governor's High Demand Career Initiative.
Goal 9:
To create a continuum of work based learning experiences culminating in a published portfolio on the ONE Morgan “Job Board”.
Goal 10:
To embed science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) pervasively throughout the curriculum.
Goal 11:
To govern the CCA in an effective and efficient manner through continuous learning and training culminating in a college and career academy producing measurable results.
The vision of this CCA whole school model will be realized when ALL students receive a high school diploma and a technical/college certificate/degree/diploma at the high school graduation ceremony.
Morgan County Elementary School Original construction in 1990 with an addition in 2000 and new gym in 2006
Morgan County Primary School
Original construction in 1958 with recent additions of the Gym in 2014 and a Renovation in 2015.
Morgan County Middle School
Original construction in 1952. Various additions in the 50's 60's 70's and most recently in 2003.
Morgan County High School
Originally constructed in 1948 with additions in the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's, and most recently 2013.
What will happen to the Middle School facility if a new one is built on a different site?

The school system is planning a collaborative outreach effort to community groups and student based organizations that may be interested in maintaining the Middle School facility and continuing to offer collaborative community based services at the facility. Organizations such as the local Boys & Girls Club could benefit greatly from use of this facility.
The facility will not be abandoned but will instead be repurposed and we will continue to update the status as we receive feedback from organizations on possible uses for the facility.
of both the Middle School and High School bringing it up to today's code and standards:
Total Estimated Project Cost = $28,924,290
State Entitlement Earning = $ 2,393,491
Local Contribution = $26,530,799
or 92%

of both the Middle School and High School as part of a 6-12 Campus:*
Total Estimated Project Cost = $56,763,398
State Entitlement Earnings = $21,573,620
Other Funding Sources = $ 3,851,163
Local Contribution = $31,338,615
or 55%

*state entitlement funding is reduced if not a grades 6-12 campus.
The replacement scenario includes a new college and career academy and transportation facility.
Questions for Board Guidance

Land Use Feasibility?
Funding Feasibility?
Middle School Relocation Feasibility?
What is ESPLOST?

ESPLOST stands for Education Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax. This represents a one penny tax on sales in Morgan County. Each request for sales tax must be approved by the voters of Morgan County and represents a five year referendum. The continuation of our current ESPLOST will be presented for voter review on the November 3, 2015 ballot and again in November 2020. (Early voting will be available October 12-30)
New College and Career Academy to open 2017-2018 school year

New Morgan County High School 2018-2019 school year -
Class of 2019 Current Freshman class will be Seniors

New Morgan County Middle School 2019-2020 school year -
Current 2nd Grade Students will be the first 6th Grade Class in the new MCMS
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