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First man on moon

No description

Philip Lewis

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of First man on moon

First man on the moon


Neil Armstrong
Neil Armstrong
- From America
- Born August 5th 1930
- Died August 25th 2012 (82 years old)
- Was an American Astronaut,
Test pilot, university professor
- First man on moon
- was an officer in the U.S Navy
- Got two awards
1. Medal of honor
2. Medal of freedom

The Russians was the first to get a Satelite and a Human into Space. Not America.

- 1957 First Satelite

- 1961 First Man In Space

-1969 First Men On The Moon
Apollo 11
Was the Mission
The Team and the rocket
Spaceflight that landed the first humans on the moon
July 21st. 1969
Spent 2 hours on the moon
The 3 persons Neil armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins
The space race
The space race, was between the Soviet union and U.S.A.

Time in space 8 days 14 hours 12 minutes 30 second
Americas three first rocket, to the space went terribly bad, and they exploded.
Michael Collins
The soviet union was the first, to get a rocket to the space.
Born October 31st. 1930 in Rome, Italy
Died 2013 (age 83)
Astronaut and test pilot.
First space mission Gemini 10

Buzz Aldrin
Born 1930 January 20
USA pilot and astronaut
We choose this topic because, we find it very interesting, about the moon and the crew.
Died 2014 (age 84)
Second person to walk on the moon
in the same mission as Armstrong.
Third Person on moon
This is when a rocket get launch in space
The operator, Nasa
married to Patricia Collins
Died April 2014
They had 3 children Kate, Ann, Michael
1971 Director, National air and space museum
1985 started own buisness
Challenge to the class
When US entered World War ||
The Family moved to Wahington DC.
Study Saint Albans school, Boarding school for boys
He decided to follow his fathers family, the army
The Kennedy space center is the biggest launch in the United States. To they build the Saturn V, there is the largest and most powerful launch center in history. And it has been used by the military since 1949.
The rocket launch for the mission Apollo program
Launched in Kennedy space center
The Solar System
3 facts


He has been the world most lonely person
Landing on the Moon
Apollo Lunar Module
- only capable of 2 people

- Can separate and Combine
and can land and launch
Why we choose this topic
Launch Operations center
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