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Joropo-The Venezuelan Waltz

By Hannah Wilson

Hannah Wilson

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Joropo-The Venezuelan Waltz

By Hannah Wilson Joropo-The Venezuelan Waltz How it began: Joropo Flirting Dance Joropo is a Venezuelan music style resembling the creole genre as well as a dance resembling a waltz. In modern times, it is used to describe poetry and fashion also. What is joropo? The Joropo music style is played with a four-stringed guitar called the cuatro, a harp, maracas, and a mandolin. The singer and harp usually perform the melody while the other instruments harmonize. The maracas are the only percussion used in the music. Joropo Music The Joropo dance is meant for couples and very upbeat. There are 36 variations of the dance. It can be performed as a waltz or the partners can turn and face each other while taking small steps back and forth. Other times the woman takes large steps around the man while he taps his feet to the rhythm. Some performances include all three. Joropo Dance The flirting dance is a variation of the waltz where the woman stands in the center of a circle while the man turns around her. The couple gradually dances closer as the music goes on. Before the 18th century, the Venezuelan cowboys or llaneros used the word "fandango" for parties and dancing. In the 18th century though, they began to use the word "joropo" instead. The llanero's music and dancing have been combined to make the modern day joropo style which is a type of dance as well as a music genre. It has African and European influences. Modern Day Joropo Music Other instruments have been added to the Joropo ensemble such as the guitar, the flute, the bass and the piano. Complete orchestras have even played Joropo pieces. Joropo Competitions and Festivals At practically any Venezuelan festival, you can count on hearing Joropo music and seeing the dance perfomed. There are even Joropo competitions. The dance is taught early in school so most of the population knows the Joropo. Joropo Clothing The dance partners generally wear a specific clothing. Men wear the liqui liqui which is an outfit that consists of a jacket and long pants.The cloth is usually white or beige linen. Many of them wear cowboy hats also. The women wear big, colorful dresses with their hair pulled back from their face. Both partners wear espadrilles, flat shoes with a canvas top and soles made of rope.
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