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Battle of Hong Kong

No description

Kristi L

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Battle of Hong Kong

Canada Hong Kong World War II Battle of Hong Kong Battle of Hong Kong Japan began suprise attacks on the British Colony on December 8, 1941 Hong Kong fell into Japanese hands on Christmas day, 1941 after 17 days of fighting The defence of Hong Kong was the first battle Canadians fought in during WWII Canada sent 2 troops:
Royal Rifles of Canada
Winnipeg grenadiers little military training
limited supplies and ammunition
sailed from Vancouver on October 27, 1941
arrived on November 16
Commanded by Brigadier J. K. Lawson (December 8 - 25, 1941) Arrival of Canadians changed the defence of the colony
"Gin Drinkers' Line"
primary role = defending the island's beaches How was the Canadian infantry involved in the Battle of Hong Kong and what sacrifices were made? Canada sent the Winnipeg Grenadiers and the Royal Rifles of Canada to defend the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong from Japanese invasion on October 27th 1941. After just 17 days of battle, there were 290 deaths and Canada was forced to surrender. The remaining soldiers were put into Prisoner of War Camps where they were tortured and starved for over three and a half years. Many did not survive through the brutality of these camps and half of the Canadians that set sail sacrificing their lives for Hong Kong never returned. 1975 soldiers sent
290 killed in battle
267 died in prisoners camps
500 wounded
= casualty rate more than 50% December 24 - Japanese overran a makeshift hospital in Hong Kong
assaulted and murdered nurses
bayoneted wounded Canadian soldiers in their hospital beds Canadians imprisoned in POW camps for three and a half years
endure brutal treatment and starvation
foul conditions
diseases like diphtheria and beriberi not given medicine
work 12 hours a day in mines or on the docks in the cold
given only 800 calories/day
many died The Canadian soldiers sacrificed much in their efforts to help bring peace and freedom to the people of Asia and the Pacific

The survivors were shaken by experiences and hardships they went through. We remember... Memorial at Sai Wan Bay War Cemetery on the island of Hong Kong Stanley Military Cemetery in the southern part of Hong Kong island on the Tai Tam Peninsula Yokohama British Commonwealth War Cemetery in Hodogaya
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