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Hollywood Physics up

hollywood physics

Jean Valdez

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Hollywood Physics up

Up! Can a house really fly? not likely... The house weighs 100,000 lbs.
1 cubic ft of helium can lift .067 lbs which equals 105,854 balloons each 3 ft in diameter. It would take 1,492,537.3 cubic ft of helium to lift Carl's home. That's 1.6x 10^11 balloons that's alot of balloons. To find how many balloons and helium you would need take 100,000 x .067 = 1,492,537.3 cubic ft of helium then take 1,492,537.3 x 105,854 = 1.6x10^11 Take off = Bad Physics In the movie, the house comes clean off the ground(foundation and all). That is impoosible because of one major detail. In order for the house to come clean off the ground there would have to be a dramatic increse in balloons and we don't see that in the movie. Bonus! Anchors Away! Why isn't the house already floating before takeoff?
It's not like it's tied down or anything. Prior to takeoff we don't see any anchoring system holding the house down. All we see are the balloons being released. So in reality since nothing is holding the house down it should already be floating. In real life the house wouldn't lightly lift off, it would violently go up with out stopping because of all the balloons it needed for lift off in the first place.
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