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by Tonibarrett

No description


on 24 March 2017

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Transcript of by Tonibarrett

Judas Betrays Jesus
Most people were very happy ,but this did not include some of the priests who were jealous of Jesus.They did not like it that ordinary people liked him so much.They wanted an excuse to arrest Jesus and kill him.Judas Iscariot,one of Jesus' disciples went to them in secret and told them he would betray him. The priests and elders give Judas 30 pieces of silver.From then on he waited for his chance to get Jesus in trouble.
praying to g
The last supper
Journey to Jerusalem
Jesus and his disciples were walking to Jerusalem to celebrate passover.When they were nearly there,Jesus sent two of his friends for a donkey.He told them to tell the owner that he needed it. The disciples did as they were asked and brought the donkey to Jesus. As he rode into Jerusalem,people saw Jesus coming and coverd the path with their garments and palm leaves. They shouted `Hosanna' and'Jesus is the king'.
by Toni Barrett
The Easter Story
Jesus sat down to a meal with his twelve friends.He looked very sad.His friend asked him`what is the matter?'He told them he would have to go away the next day to be with his farther in heathen.Jesus' friends were sad then too.The disciples said they would not let anything happen to him.Jesus told them that one of them had already taken money to betray him. They all looked at each other. Judas stood up and walked out.Jesus told the disciples about the men and that he wanted to kill him on a cross so Jesus took bread to share and wine to shared said the wine is my blood and the bread is my body and they should drink it to remember him.
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