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Macbeth Prereading Activity

An activity to use with high school seniors that allows them to connect to the play Hamlet.

karen walsh

on 29 January 2016

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Transcript of Macbeth Prereading Activity

Do you know what Twitter is?
Twitter is a webite that allows you to send updates, called Tweets, to the people who subscribe to your Twitter account.
Tweets are no longer than 140 characters,
just like text messages.
Today, we are going to tweet responses to the following scenario. Whenever this prezi indicates, write down your "tweet" in your journal.
Let's begin. . .
You are a general in the United States army. Canada has invaded the U.S. and thanks to your bravery you have saved the country from
Canadian domination.
You and your best friend are excited to debrief the King of the United States and head home!
On your way to meet the King Obama, you encounter a group of psychics who greet you by name (weird). They tell you that you will be the governor of New York and predict that you will eventually become the King of the United States.
So what's your tweet?
Your friend laughs at the psychics and asks, "If you can tell the future, what's going to happen to me?"
The psychics talk in riddles but basically
tell your friend that he/she will never be king but his/her children will become kings some day.
What's your tweet?
Finals end. You pass, barely
On your way to the White House,
a messenger greets you in the airport and tells you that King Obama is appointing you the governor of NY because the current governor is sentenced to death for treason. The messenger also tells you that King Obama will be coming to your house for dinner and spending the night.

What's your tweet?
You decide to text your spouse.
What do you say?
You finally make it home and
tell your spouse everything that
has happened.
You tell your spouse that King Obama plans to leave the next day after breakfast. He/She looks at you and calmly states, "King Obama will not see tomorrow."
what's your tweet?
Your spouse tells you of a plan to kill the king to make the psychics' prediction come true.
At the informal dinner, your spouse will drug the body guards' wine. This way they can kill King Obama and blame the guards who will have no recollection of the event.
so what's your tweet now?
so what's your tweet?
During dinner, you are preoccupied with guilty thoughts and excuse your self to the kitchen. Your spouse comes to find you when you tell him/her that you will not go through with the murder. Your spouse calls you a coward.
Your spouse tries his/her
best to persuade you to murder
the king.
Will you kill the king in order to fulfill
the witches prophesy?
what's your tweet?
The End
What's your tweet?
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