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Ancient Rome Video Game

No description

Kai Hoffman

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Ancient Rome Video Game

Ancient Rome Video Game
What Were the Names of the Tribes or People the Romans Conquered?
Many tribes were conquered, much to many to name but some of them included British tribes, and some people of Africa.
How Were the Conquered Lands Governed?
It only used a few administrators to watch over the lands that they conquered. They used some of the lands for government purposes.

When Did This All Happen?
Ancient Rome started around 8th century BC, and it lasted many more centuries from here.

What Were the Names of Places Conquered By Rome?
Many different places surrounding the Mediterranean Sea including some parts of Spain, Portugal, Africa, and many more to name.
Did Any of the Battles Have Names?
Yes, many of the battles have names, There are hundreds of them, a few being Battle of Aricia and Battle of Longula.
How Were the Conquered People Treated By the Romans?
They were generally left alone and treated fairly unless they did not follow their rules.

How Did The Romans Pay to Keep Control of These New Lands?
They payed for the new lands from their army and the people they conquered from these lands.

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