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Writing Lesson 2

Run- On Sentences

Monica Ochoa

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Writing Lesson 2

Dependent vs. Independent How do I know if I have a run on sentence? Who do you depend on in your life?
What do you depend on them for? What does it mean to be dependent? When you get older, you will no longer be dependent. You will stand on your own. What does it mean to be independent? Sentences are independent, and fragments are dependent.
They cannot stand on their own. A sentence has to earn its independence by having a subject and a verb and a complete thought. Furlough found his brother in the library. Share an example of how you will be independent when you grow up. Does it express a complete thought? Standing on the top of
the great open book. Does it express a complete thought? Let's practice in groups.... http://www.brainpop.com/english/grammar/sentencefragments/ Watch this video closely your team depends on you! Furlough found his brother in the library, standing on top of the great open book, his tail wrapped tightly around his feet. shooting up like a sunflower.

Abraham was growing fast.

a spindly youngster with big
boney hands.
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