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Housing Conditions/ Sanitation During the Progressive Era

Progressivism project

Erika S

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Housing Conditions/ Sanitation During the Progressive Era

Housing Conditions/ Sanitation
during the Progressive Era The Problem what did the Progressives
do to reform? Success? Significance of Reform Housing conditions and sanitation during the Progressive Era were atrocious.
Immigrants were forced to live in crowded tenements with poor conditions
Diseases were spread easily: tuberculosis,cholera,and yellow fever
Sanitary reform: improve public health and social health conditions of tenements
Using literature: "How the Other Half Lives" By Jacob Riis; "Next to Godliness: Confronting Dirt and Despair in Progressive Era New York City"by Daniel Eli Burnstein
Reformers sought to clean the streets and ensure health of all city residents

New York Department of Street Cleaning (DSC)- commissioner George E. Waring Jr.- enforced lessons on civic sanitation in the education of immigrant children
Juvenile street cleaning leagues to engage people in sanitation-friendly activities
Promoted the idea that both the civilization of a group depended upon physical as well as mental conditions
The Tenement House Commission
New York State Tenement House Act of 1901- prohibited constrction of poorly ventilated tenements in NY
Tenement House Exhibition of 1900-effort to promote awareness of evils of the tenement houses hoping to bring about change.
Reform included: better ventilation, fewer number of people per tenement, limit size of building, a better water supply, fireproof in hallways and public areas, fire escapes accessible (ladders),
Made laws that regulated sanitation
Decreased the amount of diseases
Created a community of tenement youth
Improved the lower class Make living and sanitary conditions better in NY
It was believed that with the elimination of disease and the promotion of healthy habits would lead to civilizing city dwellers Why did progressives feel
need for reform? Works cited http://www.fordham.edu/academics/colleges__graduate_s/undergraduate_colleg/fordham_college_at_l/special_programs/honors_program/hudsonfulton_celebra/homepage/progressive_movement/tenements_32232.asp

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