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SF birthday

SF birthday

Alexandra Zelenina

on 1 October 2010

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Transcript of SF birthday

Speak Freely World is
a huge network
of possibilities and events. Sometimes you don't expect your coices Sometimes you don't expect
your choices to result
in dramatical consequences, And they do so,
and you're amazed
the world at work Irrespective of when you joined,
you all know SF as it is now,
and you know
what brought you here But probably you have no idea
of that cluster of possibilities
that caused SF to appear By the way, what was it?=) One day, a SUSU student
(let us call him Dima)
played voleyball
as usual on Sunday, Dima ans Bing enjoyed communication, and one day he went with her to an AIESEC presentation He filled in the questionnaire, and eventually went to a local conference And a guy from AIESEC
brought a Chinese intern
to play as well
(let us call her Yue Bing) One of several thousands
of Chinese sent to internships every year,
Bing happened to be the president
of a huge English-speaking club
in her home university He did't join AIESEC.
It would be a useless experience ...unless he chanced to hear about Potanin scholarship project competition open tryouts May, 2010
and a group
of other scholarship holders
to present the idea
of a free English-speaking club They were two Dimas,
Alexey Prosekov and Nadya.
Later Asya joined,
by some scholarship holder The team worked hard
at the project development,
striving for all letters of support
they could possibly get. A vkontakte group was created,
and there were mainly friends
and scholarship holders Finally, two Dimas
came for the conference
in teh end of June, 2010 They had a marvellous project
and the first meeting there, in Novosibirsk. And they failed. Well, shit happens. Someone would have forgotten
and gone on with his life,
which was graduation, diploma
and all the tough stuff They decided to write a letter
to SUSU principal
with a request
to support the idea ...which suddenly got approved. A lot of preparatory work was done,
and finally on October 1,
exactly a year ago,
the inauguration meeting was held. The inauguration ceremony
comprised around 100 people The next meeting,
there were
around 15 of us We had three periods then,
separated by 2 tea-breaks. One day I was invited to
a "unique excursion (held in English!)
to a mysterious and charming world
of a great Russian artist Nikolay Rerikh" We've been to "My Discovery of America"
black&white photo exhibition We've had parties ...and fun during them At first, there were mostly discussions. The first one to be held was at the inauguration ceremony; we talked about differences betweed men and women. We had a lesson of English conducted by a native English speaker. Then, we developed new formats of meetings: presentation and traveller's story. With the travellers
who told their stories,
we've virtually been to 23 countries,
9 of which
were presented by the nationals of these countires And this makes about 10% of all the countries in the world. For some time, there was a craze for tests. We had some on socionics, motivation... We had full FCE demo, geographic dictation and some presentations on English grammar issues There's an sms-service providing you with all the information about the upcoming meeting We gave gifts to each other We wrote stories In the olden days, the grass was greener, tea was sweeter, plastic cups thicker, and the guards always let us in... ...is us: We didn't stop the meetings
during the quarantine
and holidays We've had contests and workshops smart astonished concerned dreamy laughing We had a presentation
of the Chinese
writing system ...oops. That was not really it.=) ...all of which is
amazing... ...and absolutely
impossible... ...without each of you That's why... What is your idea about the future? boasting peeping The vkontakte group has grown dramatically and contains now 641 person. We also have
a facebook community,
which consists of 13 people What distance would cover a marathon-runner
if he was running for all the time
we have been practicing English? 4 220 km
Will all people
who visited our club during this year
standing on each others shoulders
reach the top of SUSU building? YES!
Even 3 times higher
than The Statue of Liberty! 4 220 km
For how long an elephant
would be able to live
if he is fed only
by all the cookies
that has been eaten during this year? Actually, it will live for 6 hours
(considering that elephants can eat up to 450kg a day)
How many TV-sets
could have been made
if we recycled all plastic cups used
for SF meetings? About 2 white TV-sets
How many women in India and Ceylon have been collecting tea-leaves for us? How many women in India and Ceylon have been collecting tea-leaves for us? What amount of information we have "consumed" during the meetings ? Millions-millions of bytes.
If a star would have been born 1 year ago, how far should it be from us so that we could see it only now? 9,460,730,472,580.8 km
1 light-year=) For how long would a 100-watt light-bulb work if it used all the energy consumed by kettles? 1000 hours. How much energy could have been produced from used water if we converted it directly into energy instead of drinking it? 6 858 quadrillion Joules How many kilometres have we run from the storage to the auditory (for food, drink and equipment) and then from the auditory to the storage to take it all back? 10 km
How thick a book would be if we fill it with all the words that have been spoken during the meetings? 10 km 3000 pages How many liters of oxygen did we breathe in to say all words on every meeting of SF? What is the average noise produced by those who speak (in decibells)? If 420 apples are divided between all the people who were driven out of the meeting room for violating the "English-only" rule, how many apples each of them would have? 65 In fact, no one has ever been asked to quit the auditorium 420/0 = infinity :) or "Division by zero" exception.
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