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Lupu bridge

No description

Devon McCune

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Lupu bridge

Lupu Bridge (China) By: Devon McCune Worlds Longest Arch Bridge Design Challenges Problems The Need Planning and construction The Effect In construction a hefty 35,000 tons of steel were used and it took over 700 tons of paint to make it presentable. Great symmetry and stability is somewhat hard to obtain and even harder if needed repairs occur. The arch was built using the cantilever method, which involved supporting a cantilever inclined in three dimensions No major problems to this bridge was ever found. with that knowledge I suspect no necessary information is needed about any tragedy that ever occurred. There was no need for such a bridge besides to help decline over trafficking. Of course with ever new bridge theres traffic increased in that area but decreased in many others. lupu bridge is no exception. Built from steel, through-tied box-girder Arch bridge. Only one which is fully welded togther. The 3,900-meter-long Lupu Bridge has a second claim to fame. 305 million U.S. dollars it took to craft this 550m spanned bridge. The avarage weather conditions with occasional earthquake or hurricane. Its full metal body and archway allow great resistence. Cantilever is a fomous bridge that is located in Washington D.C. This bridge is also known as a breath taking tourist attraction. Many saying its a very memorable visit. it introduced a faster and reliable transport for mainly the walking individuals which occupies most of china.
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